Mahmoud El Khoja

Member, Young Arab Leaders and co-founder, BioBox and MyHealthyOffice

Mahmoud El Khoja, an active member of Young Arab Leaders, co-founded and is currently leading several new companies such as BioBox, an online healthy-only groceries platform; MyHealthyOffice, a pantry management and office wellness outfit both in the UAE; Frost, a quality frozen food retail chain in Egypt, and ELK Phoenicia Group, a family partnership with diverse interests. He is also the volunteer CFO and Strategy Lead of Cura, an international medical NGO based in Oklahoma. His previous 15 years were spent in eight countries and various regional roles with multinationals like Schneider Electric, L’Oréal and Bain & Company. His functional experience spans marketing, strategy and digital transformation. Mahmoud holds an MBA from INSEAD and a B.A. in Economics from the American University of Beirut. He currently resides in Dubai with his family.


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