Majed M. Al Tahan

Founder and CEO, AYM

Majed M. Al Tahan is the founder and CEO of AYM. He is an established entrepreneur in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a great passion to impact the apps market. From an early age, he was always eager to build up his own businesses and take the entrepreneurial plunge. After graduating university with an architecture degree, he started working as a real estate developer working with some of the biggest names in the industry. During this period of six years, he continued developing ideas for his next business move.

Majed recognized that e-commerce was the missing element in the Saudi commerce landscape at the time and he grabbed the opportunity to begin his journey to build the first ever online service for grocery shopping in the Kingdom with the BinDawood group. The business took off and there was no looking back for Al Tahan. Majed Al Tahan thrives on excellence and believes in people first. Today, at the helm of Danube’s online offering, and with his new venture, AYM, he’s focused on developing the technology behind the e-commerce app and spearheading the transformation of grocery shopping space.


Starting a Business

From Concept To Launch: The Origin Story Of My Middle East Startup

Our current and future ventures will be ground-breaking, but they are also driven by purpose: to create technology that will change the lives of individuals and communities for the better.

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