Marc Kandalaft

Founder of Strategic Creative Design, Marc Kandalaft Design

Marc Kandalaft is the founder of strategic creative bureau of Marc Kandalaft Design (MKD), a multidisciplinary consultancy firm empowering strategy and branding through the mastery of design. MKD is based on a philosophy of reconciling art and industry, commercial efficiency, and creative power, offering branding, design, and communication services. After establishing clientele in the Middle East, Europe and North America, MKD operates mainly in Paris and Montreal, but also frequently in Beirut and New York City for businesses in luxury, commerce, industry, services, cultural affairs, and interior design. Kandalaft attended l’ESAG Penninghen in Paris studying under the tutelage of eminent figures in graphic design and photography such as Roman Cieslewicz, Peter Knapp, Michel Bouvet, and Etienne Robial. In 1999, Kandalaft was conferred his Masters with honors with the title of artistic director in graphic arts and digital design. Kandalaft is a board member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Québec SDGQ, a Member of Mission Design, and acts as a mentor for the HEC Startup Weekend and the Adobe Mentorship Program, in addition to being an active participant in various relevant university conferences across Canada and France. 


Growth Strategies

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