Maryam Amiri

Master of Ceremonies and Public Speaking Coach

Maryam Amiri is an Emirati public speaking coach and Master of Ceremonies with over 18 years of experience at large-scale international events. Maryam has presented at some of the UAE’s most renowned large-scale functions, such as: Worldskills Abu Dhabi, ADIPEC’s opening ceremony, The Abu Dhabi Media Summit, and the global launches of twofour54 and the Brand of Abu Dhabi, amongst many more. As the go-to public speaking coach in the UAE, Maryam shares her gift of confident and clear communication skills to the world through her services, and help alleviate the stress of public speaking. To achieve this, Maryam treats clients on a case by case basis, and puts hours of dedicated labor into making specific public speaking programs, tailored for each individual’s needs.



Four Practical Communication Tips To Remember This Ramadan

How can you make the most out of a month when people are receptive and benevolent? Here are four practical communication tips to remember this Ramadan.

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