Mohammed Naseem Ul Haq Zaki


Mohammed Naseem Ul Haq Zaki is CEO at REGERA FZCO, Dubai, UAE. At REGERA, Zaki leads a variety of business and digital transformation projects across UAE, GCC and India. He is also former CIO, Head of Technology and Program Manager at various government agencies and multinational companies across India, UAE, USA, Japan, KSA and Oman.

As senior corporate executive and management consultant, Zaki has over 20 years in intrapreneurship, strategy planning, business acquisition, product development, contextual analytics, cloud computing, market making and ecommerce. Zaki is an ardent mentor-n-advisor to a variety of startups, accelerator & incubator programs, where he helps in building go-to-market strategy, product positioning, lifecycle and commercialization.

REGERA FZCO is a new age management consulting and professional services firm based in Dubai, UAE. It provides advisory services in business/digital transformation, product development, portfolio management, solution architecture, resource augmentation, governance framework, digital maturity assessment and recommendations, including industry research, subject matter expertise, benchmarking, performance metrics, analytics and intelligence across a variety of industries and government functions. Principal focus areas at REGERA include transformation, internet of things, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, wearables, 3D printing, blockchain and social commerce.


Growth Strategies

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