Nicholas Joe Correia

Freelance finance professional

Nicholas Joe Correia is a freelance finance professional working with SMEs in Dubai focusing on building their financial position, strengthening their performance, and preparing them for stability and growth. You can learn more about his work on


Growth Strategies

Six Steps To A New Roadmap For Your Business To Recover From The COVID-19 Crisis

Things will be different here on. At least for a while. A call to action is required to cope with the changes and restructuring initiated within organizations.

Growth Strategies

Three Payment Plans To Increase Cash Inflow For Your Business

Every business is looking for ways to cut costs and reduce cash outflows. Treat this as an opportunity.


Six Financial Decisions To Protect Your Business During The COVID-19 Crisis

If you are worried about the outcome of this slowdown, there are some financial moves you can make to protect your position.

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