Ramesh Jagannathan

Managing Director, startAD

Ramesh Jagannathan is the Managing Director of startAD and also the Vice Provost of Innovation at NYU Abu Dhabi. 



Getting In On The Act: A New Generation Of Investors Is Here

Gen-Z and millennials are digital natives, caring about climate change, advocating for fair practices, and seeking impact investments that align with their values, and offer more than a short-term financial return.

Growth Strategies

How Corporates And Universities Can Work Together To Bring Scientific Innovation To Commercial Markets

Many new technologies are being pioneered in university and corporate research labs, and the key to their success is to clearly recognize from the beginning that an invention is not a technology, a technology is not a product, and a product is not a business.


The Time Is Now: Why Conscious Investment Is Ready To Take Off In The Middle East

Conscious investing creates a framework for viable investments that will advance social and environmental solutions and produce financial returns in the process.


Evolving The Construction Sector (And The Opportunities It Presents For Startups)

Technology has the opportunity to solve the age-old problem of infrastructural insufficiencies, which will lead to healthier societies for us all.

Growth Strategies

Shaping The Workforce Of The Future: How AI Contributes To The Workplace

With AI set to take over thousands of jobs not only in the region but across the world, many are asking the obvious questions of what this means for workers, and if workers are at risk of losing their job in the near future.

Growth Strategies

Three Steps To Building A Sustainable Entrepreneurial Economy In The UAE

The UAE has a young economy defined by a developing entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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