Sam Saliba

Founder and Creative Director, Art Painting Lab

Sam Saliba is the founder and Creative Director of Art Painting Lab, an art consultancy. She leads a team of fantastically talented visual artists whose expertise includes canvas art, murals, and illustrations.  

Art Painting Lab supports encompassing solutions by applying its team’s insight, studies, consulting skills, and technical know-how. As many in the team strive as experimentalists, the enterprise prides itself with the capability to delve into many art genres and stylistic techniques. Every member of the Art Painting Lab team is an individual with a style of art that is molded by their own distinctive life experience. Together, they accurately represent the melting pot that is Dubai, bringing in fresh perspectives from all over the world. 

Art Painting Lab practices a multi-level critique process that ensures projects and clientele receive high caliber work. Every artist in the team has the knowledge and expertise in a select area of art and design, and together they deliver art that is well executed, creative and sophisticated. The company’s clients consist of interior designers, art consultants, architects, hotel operators, hospitals developers and restaurants, high-end residences and artists. Art Painting Lab’s mission is to support these industry sectors by facilitating and actioning the creative process, from concept stage, to installation and handover. 


Growth Strategies

Surviving The Art World During A Crisis: A Crash Course For The Art Entrepreneur

Like all industries, the pandemic drove people in the art industry amok- however, this resulted in them working together and finding new ways of resurrecting, connecting, redefining, and stretching the commercial reach of art.

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