Sophie Simpson

Founder and Managing Director, Atteline

Sophie Simpson is the founder and Managing Director of Atteline, an award-winning public relations agency headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Leveraging global experience, regional insight, and local expertise, Atteline packages, protects, and propels the brands it believes in across the consumer and corporate landscape. 


Growth Strategies

Doing Our Best (Instead Of Doing It All): Why Terming Women As Superwomen Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good

The use of the term "superwoman" has begun an insidious transformation into a new, not-so-empowering paradigm, a competitive discourse challenging its subjects as to who can be the most exhausted, the most overworked, leaving everyone vying for the top spot of the "busiest" woman. As opposed to a superpower, it sounds more like a syndrome.

Growth Strategies

The Magic Formula: What It Means To Be A "New Age" Woman

As a "new age" woman, in pursuing our dreams, we find excitement, in striking a balance, we find satisfaction, and in relishing the simplest things, we find joy.

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