Warsha Joshi

Founder and Managing Director, Platinum VA, and CEO, Expressions Arabia

Warsha Joshi is the Founder and Managing Director of Platinum VA and Chief Executive Officer of Expressions Arabia.

Joshi set up Platinum VA in 2010 to provide Virtual Executive Assistance to regionally based consulting firms operating in the GCC. Known as a highly accomplished entrepreneur, Joshi works with corporate leaders to build the skills and culture needed for change to become part of the corporate DNA, creating agile, collaborative and engaged teams. Her experience with clients in a variety of sizes and sectors gives her a broad background for developing practical solutions that deliver significant results. With more than 17 years of senior-level business experience across India and the Middle East, Joshi’s wisdom and relentless pursuit of creativity led her to successfully open Platinum VA confidently into the future.

Joshi also leads Expressions Arabia, a business that brings globally renowned trainers and administrative developmental programmes for admin professionals to corporates across the GCC and the Middle East and Africa. As CEO, Joshi is the driving force behind influential projects, with a solid reputation for spearheading growth and long-term value. Joshi is also a Certified Gazelles International Coach, helping founders and CEOs of small to mid- sized organizations successfully scale up their businesses by mastering the “Rockefeller Habits.” Driven by a relentless passion to help business leaders get what they really want, in business and life, Joshi is regularly sought out to facilitate strategic planning sessions for CEOs and their leadership teams across the GCC.

With a strong family background of entrepreneurs in India, Joshi founded her first two businesses in 1985 and 1987 and built them into market leaders before selling them 11 years later. Joshi holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Osmania University in India. In her free time, Joshi enjoys spending time with family and friends and actively supports volunteer organizations, including animal charities and much more.



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