Yasser Alobaidan

Chairman, Jawraa

Yasser Alobaidan is a visionary leader who connects industries through digitization and leverages digital disruption to transform how governments and industries function. In his current role as Chairman of Jawraa, Yasser directs the company’s operations, including its subsidiaries and each of its five business units. Under his leadership, Jawraa received Saudi Arabia’s first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) license, securing its position as an industry pioneer. Yasser is the architect behind the company’s continuing expansion with long-term projects across the public and private sectors.

As an entrepreneur, Yasser has co-founded and launched several successful tech startups, including Meditari, RUSSAD, and Shades House. He is responsible for spearheading revenue growth for a number of companies, transforming them into multi-million dollar enterprises.


Growth Strategies

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