Zainab Al-Deen

Member, Young Arab Leaders, and Regional Manager MENA, Farrant Group

Zainab Al-Deen, an active member of Young Arab Leaders, is the Dubai-based MENA Regional Manager for Farrant Group, a strategic communications firm. She works across the international government, corporate, and private client spheres to build and deliver intelligent and innovative communications strategies. Zainab advises an array of clients on crisis and reputation management, devising positioning strategies to develop their profile and best protect their reputation across complex political, media and business landscapes.  

Zainab graduated from Leeds University and holds an MSc in International Security, Global Governance and Diplomacy from the University of London. After graduating, she spent six years working for the European Parliament and the UK Parliament, liaising with key party figures and senior government officials to devise and deliver communications strategies on the Conservative Party’s national and European Union policy. Before joining Farrant Group, Zainab worked at Project Associates, delivering complex communications strategies for multiple ultra high net worth and government clients. She has previously also led the communications team for the real estate arm of a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund out of their HQ in Europe and the Americas, developing and managing its PR and communications strategies.



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