Democrance Democrance provides enterprise B2B software-as-a-service for insurance in emerging markets.

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Alberto Perez, Co-Founder and COO, Michele Grosso, Co-Founder and CEO, Damian Dimmich, CTO, Democrance

Democrance is a B2B insurtech software-as-a-service platform that lowers the cost of selling and servicing insurance, so that insurers can sell profitably to lower-income segments and digital natives. From our home in Dubai, UAE, we are present in 16 markets across the MEA, South East Asia, and Latin America, helping insurers increase their digital sales, and access new, underserved customer segments. Thanks to Democrance, more than a million customers can buy and use insurance, most of them for the first time.

  • FOUNDED IN: 2015

"Insurtech is reshaping the UAE's economy by boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction through streamlined processes and user-friendly platforms. It fosters innovation, creating tailored insurance products, enhancing risk assessment, and detecting fraud using artificial intelligence and analytics. Insurtech also promotes financial inclusion by making insurance more accessible. This sector's growth encourages entrepreneurial collaboration between insurers and tech firms, and aligns with supportive government regulations. Overall, it accelerates digital transformation, diversifies the economy, and strengthens the financial services sector in the UAE."

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