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UAE-Based Liht Organics' Nerissa Low On Crafting An Organic Makeup Brand For The Skin-Conscious Consumer As is the case with the origin stories of so many startups out there, Liht Organics came into being after its founder Nerissa Low was not able to find a solution to a problem she was personally facing, figured out a resolution by herself, and then offered it to the world at large.

By Aby Sam Thomas

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Liht Organics
Nerissa Low, founder, Nerissa Low, founder, Liht Organics

As is the case with the origin stories of so many startups out there, Liht Organics came into being after its founder Nerissa Low was not able to find a solution to a problem she was personally facing, figured out a resolution by herself, and then offered it to the world at large.

"It all started with my own personal battle with my skin issues," Low reveals. "After being on medication and steroid injections for a few years, I decided to do a deep dive research to find a permanent cure for myself. What I discovered instead was my severe allergy to chemicals in my daily care products, and that was when I decided to do a detox and go fully organic. While organic skincare products were readily available, organic makeup was rare, and those I tried did not have the performance I was looking for as a beauty junkie. And that was when I decided to create my own line, tailored exactly the way I wanted it to be."

Low's vision is thus what has translated into Liht Organics' offering today, which is organic makeup that is not only safe and beneficial for your skin, but can also help (and improve) your complexion with regular use. According to Low, Liht Organics has seen an encouraging response from the market ever since its launch in 2019- in fact, she says that since 2021, the UAE-based brand has seen an almost 300% increase in sales, and she believes that this is just the beginning.

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Liht Organics lip glaze (roasted cherry). Source: Liht Organics

"We have an aggressive marketing plan to have focused expansion in the region, as well as to grow the brand presence globally," Low says. "We are not just building a makeup brand; we have set out from the beginning to build an empire that will shift the mindsets of consumers to make more conscious choices when it comes to their skin and health."

Now, one cannot ignore the fact that Liht Organics, simply by virtue of its offering, is a bit of an anomaly in the sector in which it operates- but that, Low says, is something that has worked out well for the brand. "The market may have options for organic skincare, but truly organic makeup is far and few," she points out. "Even after three years since our launch in the Middle East, we are still the first organic makeup brand here. The reason why there is little competition in this arena is the complexity in the product formulations to ensure the stability and consistency of the products (especially in the harsh weather conditions in this region), as well as the offerings that could be limited to what nature provides without chemical intervention. However, this is something we firmly believe is important, and our stringent criteria in our product formulations is our guiding compass to ensure we stay true to our mission- to provide authentic organic products, without compromising on the performance of the makeup in its functionality."

Nerissa Low. Source: Liht Organics

Eureka! Nerissa Low on how to make an idea a great one

Begin with an end in mind "It is easy to have an idea, but not having an end in mind is like trying to piece a jigsaw puzzle without first seeing the picture. Always envision the endgame, and work backwards to determine the feasibility of your ideas."

Your passion and belief is what drives you forward in tough times "The journey is never going to be a bed of roses. There will be tough times, I am not going to lie, and sometimes the only thing that will keep driving you forward is the hunger to fulfill the passion that catapulted you into the journey from the beginning. Always remember the why -why you started the business to begin with- and never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have gratitude for the gift behind every adversity "This may be a very difficult thing to see in the midst of turmoil, but it is important to always remind yourself of the lessons that come with every adversity. We can only see light if there is darkness, and this is something I always remind myself, to focus on the lesson over the problem."

Liht Organics is one of the companies included in the 2023 edition of our annual 10 Great Ideas feature, which, as an ode to the UAE Innovation Month, celebrates individuals and innovations that impress with their ingenuity. Check out the full list of 10 Great Ideas in our print issue here.

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