Six Benefits An Entrepreneur Can Enjoy By Hiring An Executive Life Coach As a successful entrepreneur, you probably know exactly what you want and how to get it. You are driven, determined and a self-starter. So if you have all these great qualities, why would you need a coach?

By Sophia Fromell

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As a successful entrepreneur, you probably know exactly what you want and how to get it. You are driven, determined and a self-starter. So if you have all these great qualities, why would you need a coach? As it turns out, there are more than a few benefits of hiring an executive coach:

1. Separate the trees from the woods

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you start with great dreams and aspirations of growing a business, hoping to achieve great things. As the months and sometimes even the years go by, you start realizing that your business is yet to become what you had initially envisioned, and you have yet to implement all the ambitious action plans you once thought of. You may start seeing that you are so caught up in the day-to-day running of the business that you find little time to think and plan a strategy. Working with a coach will help you raise your head from the day-to-day business race and look at the bigger picture. Your coach will get you to start thinking about the future, where do you see yourself and your business, and get you to act on this vision by developing a winning strategy that you can execute with confidence.

2. Figure out what success looks like- for you

A good coach will help you define what success looks like. Remember that success is not necessarily measured in dollar terms; success is, in fact, making a decision that will lead you to achieving your goal and consciously moving towards it, working through setbacks and challenges. For example, an entrepreneur who has just left a corporate job to start his/her dream business is as successful as the entrepreneur who has earned his/her first million. What makes both individuals successful is that they have worked hard to achieve what they initially set out to do, without being deterred by the challenges they encountered on the way. They are being inspired by what they're working towards, and they do not consider quitting as an option.

3. Challenge yourself and ensure accountability

A coach will not only push you and challenge you to do and achieve your best, but will also hold you accountable for your actions. An experienced coach is able to detect when you are lying to yourself and when you are sugarcoating existing realities in order to avoid the pain of taking action. When you are procrastinating your strategy, the coach will point out whether you are just being lazy, or if you are just uncomfortable with the direction things are moving toward, your coach will help identify what the right direction is for you. For many of us, this clear direction and vision is often being blurred by what we should be doing. Working with a coach, you will be able to push those should's aside and work without guilt on what you want to achieve.

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4. It's lonely at the top, and so it's good to have a sounding board

Whether you are a solo-preneur or you have a team around you, there will always be certain things that you may not be able to share with those around you for a number of reasons. Many successful entrepreneurs know the feeling of being looked up to, but not being seen. Partly because there will always be people who want to be near successful and driven people, for what it does for them, i.e. making them feel important, valued, or using this access for their own gain. On the other hand, most of the entrepreneurs desire to portray the best image; however being a successful role model puts a lot of pressure on the individual, which stops him/her from admitting their flaws and weaknesses. In a coaching relationship, you can share your concerns with the coach, knowing that you are in a confidential setting; your coach is always your biggest advocate and wants you to succeed in whatever you set out to. Releasing all your worries, frustrations and emotions will not only give you a sense of relief, but will help you understand the triggers of any negative emotions. Once you know what triggers your emotions and your reactions, you will be become better at managing your stress levels and you will be more proactive other than reactive to the world around you.

5. Help you do what needs to be done to be successful

To be successful and to get to a point where you haven't been before, you need to do something you haven't done before. And this is really what separates real successful entrepreneurs from mediocre ones. A good coach will not only motivate and encourage you, he/she will point out the things you are good at but most importantly he/she will point out the things that you are not exceeding in and you need to improve. We all have blind spots and often the more successful we are, the harder it becomes to highlight and accept our shortcomings. Identifying blind spots means that you get to work on areas of yourself you haven't addressed before, which will result in becoming more productive and more aware about you need to do to lead a more fulfilling life.

6. Gain a new perspective

When you are caught into the rat race of running and growing a business, you may often feel stuck, unchallenged and in need of a new approach. A coach will help you gain perspective of your current situation and will provide you with a new approach to your reality. As Albert Einstein once said: "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking we used when creating them." No matter how hard you work, at some point we all hit certain plateaus. A good coach can help you recognize and address this and will provide you with support in making significant changes in your life and in order to get the results you always wanted to have.

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Sophia Fromell

Founder, Ithaca Life

Sophia Fromell, Ithaca Life's founder and a certified life coach, established Ithaca Life to connect with people from all walks of life and share with them her knowledge, expertise and practical methods for creating a happy, fulfilling and well-rounded life. Through customized coaching sessions, Sophia can work with you to help set goals and both articulate and lay the foundations for the life that you desire and deserve, and that will ultimately make you happy.

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