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Four Tips For Running A Successful Dental Practice There are some characteristics of a successful dental practice that have been identified among the best practitioners.

By Dr. Andreas Kassouha

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Trying to be a successful dentist requires studying and working hard. However, achieving a successful dental practice needs more than that. Most people think that owning a dental practice is easy, but guess what? It is a business too!

Through many years of experience in dentistry, there are some characteristics that have been identified among the best practitioners- here are four tips that could take you one step closer to success:

1. Treat every patient as you would want to be treated Being a dentist means that you are always responsible towards the public because you have to always put the patient's oral health first. For this reason, you should try to provide every patient with the highest quality of care you are capable of. However, to achieve engagement and build customer loyalty you do not have to only respect their needs and provide great services, but also focus on smaller details that will improve the experience between doctor and patient.

For example, create a friendly and welcoming environment to make patients that struggle with anxiety about coming to the dentist feel more comfortable. Also give some time to communicate with them and explain exactly what is going on with their oral health. Do not forget that a satisfied patient will come again and will also advise your practice to friends and family!

2.Think long-term Building a dental practice is exactly like setting up a business from scratch which means that you will have lots of responsibilities and work. Focusing on the beginning of the business' creation: you should act like a dental entrepreneur and make a business plan. This plan will help you consider what you want to expect not only in a short-term period but especially in the long-term. Your vision can be transformed from your business plan into goals. And by achieving one goal at a time, you can fulfill your entire vision. So, you should always act not only like a dentist but also like a business owner, and once you have understood your unique business challenges you can go the extra mile for your business.

3. Don't forget the marketing Nowadays when you want to find something you will most probably search it online. Why wouldn't you want to be one of the top results that your potential candidates will find? That's the reason you should build a strong and active digital presence. Start by creating a website and social media accounts. You can upload photos of your work with before and after results in order to show directly your dental practice's achievements.

Moreover, try sharing your knowledge through a blog- this way you will have content that people would like to know more about, and you will increase engagement and loyalty towards your services. One of the most known techniques that you should definitely include in your digital presence is referrals. Word of mouth is by far one of the most effective ways of branding. So, don't skip this vital part of your marketing process, and always ask your patients for referrals.

4.Continuous development Are you wondering how to increase the growth of your business? The answer is to ensure a never-ending investment in practice, yourself, and your team! When keeping those things continually growing and evolving you will always have the advantage of being different from your competitors. Creating a unique dental practice means that you are investing in patients' health and that's why they will prefer to choose you and your dental practice.

Business development can also be achieved with new equipment and technology upgrades. So, do not hesitate to make those expenses because they will drive you to the top of the market. As for investing in yourself and your team, you should pay attention to soft as well as hard skills. Continue to attend more trainings, seminars and educate yourself. Create an office culture in order to make bigger engagement with your team and set together the same goals and values in order to keep trying as a team to reach success.

All of the above can be your core goals in order to help you thrive in the business, but don't forget to always balance out your professional and personal life. And always set small goals that you can achieve one by one in order to take your dental practice to success!

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Dr. Andreas Kassouha has developed a new approach to aesthetic dentistry called Facial Aesthetic Design, also known as FAD. The FAD approach stems from his ability to transform an entire face into a more attractive whole by re-contouring a smile with porcelain veneers. Dr. Kassouha discovered that his technique could help in correcting features like a crooked nose, thin upper lip, frown lines or hollow cheeks by the artful sculpting of a new smile. He has also mastered the skill of making porcelain veneers look more natural and undetectable.
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