Getting Ahead, One Breath At A Time: Walid Aboulnaga, Founder, NAFAS Journeys Walid Aboulnaga, a Dubai-based serial entrepreneur who describes himself also as an adventurer and full-on breather, presents NAFAS Journeys.

By Tamara Pupic

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Nafas Journeys

Entrepreneurs are often on a quest to change the world, but Walid Aboulnaga, the founder of NAFAS Journeys, a boutique agency for self-transformational travels, wants to change these innovators and disruptors themselves- or to be precise, how they deal with the stress and pressures of everyday life. "I was all too familiar with the pressure of cash flow and what it could to you, and what stress, targets and deadlines meant," Aboulnaga says about his career prior to starting up NAFAS Journeys. "However, had I known back then what I know now, I truly believe many critical situations would have been dealt with in a more calm and smooth manner. Now, my goal is to share techniques of mindfulness to help those in the workforce to make more focused and conscious decisions."

Born and raised in Washington DC, Aboulnaga is of Egyptian origins, and has been a Dubai resident for the last 15 years. During this time, he has invested in and set up a number of businesses, including CAP Enterprise Solutions, a field marketing agency which he helped expand into 14 different countries across the GCC and North Africa. Furthermore, he has served as the CEO of Olive Learnings, part of the global employee education specialist. "Most entrepreneurs experience burnout at some point in their career, and I was at that point back then," Aboulnaga recalls. "Feeling a bit stuck, I found myself on a quest to find purpose in my business and my being. It was my journey to self-discovery that led me to my first experience with breathwork. The profound insights I received, and the depth of the healing transformed my outlook on life. The benefits were evident in my mind, body and soul, and my journey truly began then and there." His learning took him around the world, including Peru, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Bali, to practice with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable masters of breathwork techniques, such as the holotropic breathwork concept developed by Stanislav Grof, or the Shamanic breathwork process by Venus Rising Association.

NAFAS Journeys – "nafas" means "breath" in Arabic – was established in 2018 to offer breathwork workshops and week-long transformational travel experiences with a curated program that combines spirituality and adventure. Aboulnaga hand-selects luxurious wellness resorts around the world on the basis of their specific energetic location, and brings in master healers, teachers, nutritionists, shamans, and yogis. This is blended in with more adventurous activities, such as hiking, rafting, surfing, and more. "If there is one message I could convey, it is that your mindset is everything," Aboulnaga explains. "If you are able to control your thoughts, your inner talk, and to have a positive outlook on all situations, you will be in peace. The bridge to reaching this state is your breath. I have met a lot of people who are not comfortable in their daily routine, not comfortable with specific actions they regularly do, and want to remove such unhealthy habits from their lives. Some entrepreneurs have never tried breathwork, possibly never meditated, and very few have experienced sound healing, let alone tried a plant-based diet. To them, the idea of stepping outside of their norm and out of their comfort zone is a bit strange. Therefore, we plan to enable and empower them to take the first step and help along their journey of self-discovery."

NAFAS Journeys is a boutique agency for self-transformational travels.
Source: NAFAS Journeys

His future plans for NAFAS Journeys include entering new markets and introducing new products, such as journeys dedicated to families where the above described practices can be shared with the entire family. In conclusion, Aboulnaga points out that consistency, commitment and focus are the three necessary ingredients for a successful and fulfilled life. "With so much focus given to finance, marketing, and sales, often the most important parts are forgotten, such as breathing and having fun. Master those three, and you will master the world," he says.

Walid Aboulnaga's Tips For Entrepreneurs

Be conscious of your breath for it controls your state. Take several deep and full breaths throughout the day, and be aware that you are not only breathing air, but taking in energy. Fuel up and hyper-oxygenate your body and mind.

Spending time with yourself is crucial and important. Starting with five minutes a day, and slowly increasing that time when you are ready.

Be crystal clear of what you want to achieve, visualize it, feel it, and even breathe it. And more importantly, believe it. Have trust in a higher power, and keep your vibrations high. Sometimes things take time, be patient.

Have a healthy lifestyle
It all starts with the diet, so make sure your day is full of nourishing foods, lots of water, and daily exercise.

Have fun
Life is one beautiful journey, enjoy the ride! Don't let yourself be taken by the little things, keep a positive state of mind always. And remember, just breathe!

Walid Aboulnaga,Founder, NAFAS Journeys, a boutique agency for self-transformational travels.
Source: NAFAS Journeys

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Tamara Pupic

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Tamara Pupic is the Managing Editor of Entrepreneur Middle East.

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