Renew And Revive: Skincare Tips For Traveling 'Treps

From the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure, to the telltale signs of a midflight nap, try some of these tips to ensure you arrive at your destination looking fresh-faced, and thereby be ready to run from the baggage claim straight to the boardroom.

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Frequent air travel wreaks havoc on your skin. From the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure, to the telltale signs of a midflight nap, try some of these tips to ensure you arrive at your destination looking fresh-faced, and thereby be ready to run from the baggage claim straight to the boardroom.

1. Banish Bags We're not talking luggage here- these bags are those sleepy pockets that seemingly appear between gates can stay behind long after your trip, especially if you're jumping time zones. Use an eye cream that is specially formulated to eliminate excess fluids and brighten. Be sure to press these products both under the eyes and on the upper contour as well, for a 360-degree-effect. Ladies, check out the Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash. This SOS eye treatment brightens, tightens, and instantly corrects puffiness and dark circles with a botanical formula that uses rose petal extract to soothe tired eyes. Men can try the Clarins Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum. The gel formula cools, soothes, and refreshes while Caffeine and Ginko Biloba decongest and depuff. Apply right before landing.

2. Blast Blemishes It never fails: you board the aircraft with a flawless complexion, yet somehow you arrive with a blazing blemish (usually in a place that draws considerable attention and is impossible to conceal). Keep a handy spot corrector in your carry-on to dab on throughout your flight to reduce inflammation and keep blemishes at bay. Clarins Blemish Control Stick is the one to check out, for both ladies and men. This handy and discreet pen contains a blemish control fluid that can be applied to any imperfection multiple times. The anti-bacterial stainless-steel roller ball deposits just the right amount of the treatment to the localized area. Witch Hazel controls oils and tightens the pores while Allantoin acts as a potent anti-inflammatory to reduce the size and redness of any spot. Bonus, you actually get two pens in each box; so keep one in your toiletry bag and one in your carry-on.

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3. Douse Dehydration The dehydrating effects of cabin pressure are well known to frequent fliers. The feeling of tightness is irritating and uncomfortable and leaves your skin parched on the inside. Slather on a moisturizer that replenishes your skin's water reserves. Products with Hyaluronic Acid draw moisture to the skin's surface and will restore comfort and plump dehydration lines. Ladies, check out the Clarins Hydra Quench Cream-Gel, a patented complex of Katafray Extract and Double Hyaluronic Acid that combat water loss, while pomegranate extract mattifies and refines pores. For men, consider the Clarins Super Moisture Gel with a powerful dose of Calcium Hyaluronate that strengthens the skin's protective barrier while packing water in. A bonus is the soothing effect on shaving irritation.

4. Fight Fatigue We all know the signs of a midflight snooze- a little puffiness and those dreaded sleep lines (aka pillow creases). Wake your skin up in a hurry by applying an energizing facial balm right before you land. These products will restore radiance in a flash, which are great when you need to head straight from your flight to the office. For ladies, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm that brightens and tightens to leave your skin looking smooth, toned and radiant. Dab a little on and follow with your favorite tinted moisturizer. For men, Clarins Fatigue Fighter to energize, soothe, and tone the skin. Sunflower auxins firm and tighten, giving an immediate smoothing effect. Apply a thin even layer and look polished post-flight.

5. Post Flight Perk Pack a moisture mask to intensely rehydrate after your flight, like the Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask. Apply in a thick, even layer, and let your skin take in all the nourishing benefits for at least 10 minutes. Added bonus, this product can be used around the eye contour as an eye mask.

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Leslie Iddison

Regional Training Manager, Clarins

A frequent business traveler, Leslie Iddison is a Regional Training Manager for Clarins

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