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UAE-Based Thumbay Group Launches Two-Year Roadmap For Customers To Access Its Services In The Metaverse The UAE-based healthcare and medical education organization Thumbay Group has announced building its own metaverse that will include a hospital, a medical university, and a virtual wellness domain.

By Entrepreneur Middle East Staff Edited by Aby Thomas

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Thumbay Group

The UAE-based healthcare and medical education organization Thumbay Group has announced a two-year roadmap for building its own metaverse that will include a hospital, a medical university, and a virtual wellness domain.

Named the Initiatives of the Future, the first phrase of Thumbay Group's metaverse project, which will include a metaverse hospital, a metaverse medical university, and a virtual wellness domain, will be launched by the end of 2022.

The full-fledged virtual hospital will give patients an immersive healthcare experience in the metaverse, starting with a "Marhaba lounge" where they will be briefed about the hospital and its list of services and doctors and a patient experience center. The metaverse hospital will also offer teleconsultation and educational programs on first aid and preventive health using augmented and virtual realities as well as artificial intelligence. It will also enable multiple doctors to convene on a single case via the virtual clinic, making it easy for patients to receive second opinions.

The metaverse medical university will offer many virtual offerings that mirror those of a brick-and-mortar medical university. The project will include a plethora of three-dimensional simulated laboratories for students to practice skills on virtual patients.

Dr. Thumbay Moideen, founder, Thumbay Group. Source: Thumbay Group

"We are very excited to take up these initiatives and be in line with the developments of the future to explore all opportunities to develop our core business in education, healthcare, research and wellness domains," said Dr. Thumbay Moideen, founder of Thumbay Group, in a statement.

Gulf Medical University (GMU), which is located at Thumbay Medicity, an Ajman-based hub for medical education, healthcare and research, will be responsible for educating applicants on how the metaverse medical university will operate.

GMU will also provide virtual tours of the university and its labs and will also guide applicants on how to choose the right health profession and enroll in it. Notably, GMU will be accepting cryptocurrencies as student fees, through its crypto wallet.

The Initiatives of the Future project also includes launching a metaverse platform for wellness, including a virtual fitness studio will offer a list of exercise routines to choose from based on a full body analysis, and a yoga training module for metaverse users will also offer yoga lessons and training.

The Thumbay Hospital university and network is considered one of the region's biggest chains of private academic hospitals and clinics. It trains 20% of doctors and 60% of healthcare professionals in the UAE, while its 3,500 staff, out of which 400 are doctors, treat patients from more than 175 countries.

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