By Saying No To The Status Quo, Dubai-Based B2B Business Solutions Platform KonnectEd Offers Tech Solutions To Everyday Problems As a startup that offers services ranging from developing mobile apps to building custom websites, KonnectEd aims to cater to the technological shifts that are being witnessed across a diverse range of sectors.

By Aalia Mehreen Ahmed

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Anthony Greene, co-founder and CEO, KonnectEd

This article is part of our ongoing series on companies under the umbrella of Dubai-based in5, an enabling platform for tech, media, and design startups.  

"A new kind of tech startup." Those are the first words you see when you land on the official website of Dubai-based B2B business solutions company KonnectEd. "Our company creates technological solutions to everyday problems," says Anthony Greene, co-founder and CEO of KonnectEd. "The major difference between us and other tech companies is where we come from. Our diverse founding team- which includes Christopher Prosser and Dounia Fadi- has vast experience in the public and private sectors across multiple countries, share a passion for technology, and are obsessed with solving problems. Also, we're driven by a desire to make the world what it should be, and not accept the status quo. This combination makes us a true force to reckon with."

As a startup that offers services ranging from developing mobile apps to building custom websites, KonnectEd aims to cater to the technological shifts that are being witnessed across a diverse range of sectors. For example, the startup already has plans to launch a blockchain-based education platform sometime this year. "Right now, however, we're focused on solving problems in the foodtech sector, as we're passionate about identifying inefficiencies and market opportunities," Greene says. "Foodtech has seen a number of disruptors, and we're set to be the first coming out of Dubai." This interest in the foodtech industry has led towards KonnectEd's latest development: W8Less, a table-service ordering app that operates at no cost to the vendors themselves, which is set to enter the market in the next few months. "With W8Less, we'll be able to collect revenue through transaction fees, but not be in the pockets of vendors," explains Greene. "Seeing how other foodtech companies treat vendors has shown us what not to do in order to be successful in the long run."

Dounia Fadi, co-founder, KonnectEd. Source: KonnectEd

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With W8Less' launch on the horizon, Greene and his team remain eager towards seeing the map finally enter the market, as well as a potential growth in team members. "But the most gratifying part of the journey has been being able to solve the thousand problems that have come up, and launch a great app," Greene adds. However, to reach this point the KonnectEd team had to overcome many initial hiccups that came with setting up this business in the first place. "Although there are things in place, it is sometimes very difficult to understand the exact path to get things done," admits Greene. "The most painful experience was starting a bank account, as a lot of the banks are not set up to deal with startups who don't have a lot of cash to begin with. The positive part of this was that we took note of how we were treated when we didn't have any money, so we'll know who to do business with when we have a lot!" But one of the entities that Greene does point to having been a great help in his entrepreneurial journey with KonnectEd is the in5 incubator. "The benefits of being with in5 are the guidance and opportunities," says Greene. "We know that if we have a question about anything, there is someone on site to answer or point us in the right direction. With opportunities, there are a lot of helpful workshops, mentors, and access to funders- the table is really set for success."

Christopher Prosser, co-founder, KonnectEd. Source: KonnectEd

Currently in its seed funding stage, KonnectEd recently secured its first angel investor as well as received its very first investment for an amount of AED150,000. "We've been bootstrapping up to this point, and now we're very comfortable with where the project is to take the leap of faith and bring on investors who can help us achieve the next level of success," adds Greene. Looking to the future, however, Greene is adamant that KonnectEd's goals go beyond just financial milestones. "Our end goal is to build the best company culture and business in the UAE," he says. "We want to be a place where people come to learn, grow, contribute and feel proud of the work they do. If we can accomplish this, then our business goals will be reached, if not exceeded, and then we can look for a nice exit." On a finishing note, however, Greene insists he isn't looking to bite off more than he can chew either, adding: "First and foremost, though, is to roll our sleeves up, put in the work, and embrace the process! The exit will ultimately be determined by the path we take."

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Aalia Mehreen Ahmed

Features Writer, Entrepreneur Middle East

Aalia Mehreen Ahmed is the Features Writer at Entrepreneur Middle East.

She is an MBA (Finance) graduate with past experience in the corporate sector, and was also co-founder of CyberSWIFTT- an anti-cyberbullying campaign that ran from 2017-2018 as part of the e7: Daughters of the Emirates program.

Ahmed is keen on pursuing and writing stories on people-centric leadership, female-owned startups, and entrepreneurs who've beaten significant odds to realize their goals.

A bibliophile, chai addict, and photography enthusiast, she can be often found (animatedly) talking about Kdramas, BTS, cricket, novels, and comic book films.

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