Reimagining Life In The Metaverse: Building Value-Driven Ecosystems In Hyper-Realistic Worlds

There are practically no boundaries to what can be achieved within the metaverse- but to achieve true value, we need to set standards that enable a truly hybrid world.

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The metaverse is the next evolution of not only human communication, but of society as a whole. It redefines our entire relationship with the internet, from gaming to cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), teleconferencing to 3D scanning, brand experiences, and countless possibilities in between. There are practically no boundaries to what can be achieved within the metaverse- but to achieve true value, we need to set standards that enable a truly hybrid world.

So far, the focus on the metaverse, and gateway technologies like virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) or smart glasses, has been predominantly around gaming, gamification, and entertainment. It's no surprise really, given that the concept appears often in science fiction and pop culture. Ernest Cline's Ready Player One and The Matrix movies are recent examples.

We associate the metaverse with the ability to slip away from reality, and live the fantastical life of our dreams- and while that is absolutely a possibility, the technology currently available only offers cartoonish or poorly curated versions of ourselves with which to explore rough-rendered virtual worlds.

However, ultra-realism, which is achievable through the use of software such as Unreal Engine 5, opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities- including those that can create value and returns. Unreal Engine 5 enables real-time experiences set in hyper-realistic, movie quality virtual environments. It uses Nanite, a virtualized micro-polygon geometry system, to intelligently stream and process immense detail. This is complemented by Lumen, a fully dynamic global illumination solution that delivers stunning lighting results. Together with other bleeding edge innovations, Unreal Engine 5 makes the creation of immersive metaverse worlds more achievable than ever before.

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A real-to-life version of the metaverse that leverages Unreal Engine 5 is what we're currently creating at my company. Everdome will be the most hyper-realistic verse across the entire landscape of the metaverse. Limited only by imagination, it will generate opportunities for everyone to venture into a virtual space, where people can interact with each other and products as seamlessly as they could in real life. Imagine the potential for sales and education alone- customers could view and purchase luxury properties anywhere in the world for example, or students could access photorealistic recreations of the subjects they study to give an entirely new level of understanding.

It may seem like Everdome and a fully realized metaverse are far-off realities, but the fact is that the market is ready for this new, immersive internet experience. Early adopters are already looking to purchase metaverse land. By the end of 2022, we'll see stronger policies and guidelines in place that will shape the metaverse, prompting growth and nurturing a sustainable, even more secure environment for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. VR and AR will continue to draw people into the metaverse, contributing to the creation of solid communities that will, in turn, spur commercial ecosystems. We are essentially rebuilding life as we know it- but without the constraints of our physical world. The metaverse allows us to use reality as a foundation to create life as it should be, overcoming real world limitations from the likes of gravity and distance to disease, inequalities, and everything in between. There are no boundaries or borders in the metaverse, and there is no time like the present to get involved in this epic, exciting journey.

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Robert Gryn

CEO, Metahero and Everdome

Robert Gryn is the CEO of Metahero and Everdome.

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