Lauren Crystal

Co-founder, Hassl

Lauren Crystal is the Managing Director of an award-winning agency Your Creative, and a co-founder of Hassl. She is a prominent speaker on creative growth strategies and team productivity, most notably speaking at Pausefest Summit, Property Council and Forbes. Lauren was named the 2019 Telstra Business Women’s Victorian Emerging Leader of the Year. She is an ongoing contributor for Startup Daily, Hackernoon and Smart Company.


Starting a Business

Naming Your Brand? Use These Pointers to Get it Right

When it comes to branding your product or service that is about to be launched in the market, the first crucial step is to give it the right name – something that will be iconic, will have great recall value, and build up into something solid in the future


These Digital Tactics will Improve your Team Culture

With the fast-paced implementation of technology and evolving work expectations, understanding the needs of your employees has never been more important

Growth Strategies

How to Get Far Without a Mentor and Why You Shouldn't

If you want to break the mould, do things differently, but there's no role models around to guide you

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