Sakshi Bhasin Tulsian

Founder, POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd

was born out as a business idea when this power IT couple, Ashish Tulsian and Sakshi Tulsian invested in a restaurant out of enthusiasm. Earlier Sakshi was running a web development startup, then she thought of investing in a restaurant that turned out to be rewarding financially but extremely demanding with respect to operations. It was tough to handle vendors, staff, payments, pilferages, on counter theft from staff remotely. Sakshi used her technology background and thought that – ‘why not get some software to keep a watch on our restaurant numbers and permissions remotely’?

Just then started the search for ideal POS application which to her surprise she couldn’t find. So she ended up building this product for her own restaurant. Sakshi along with her husband started solving their problems with this product. They built a comprehensive fronted billing, then extended it to store, then kitchen, built a strong CRM for customer retention and later a mobile analytics tool.It eventually caught the eye of other restaurant owners and They started getting enquiries from them to have the same product at their restaurant. They said no to a lot of them initially as we thought this is not our business but over the course of 4 months the enquiries kept increasing and then came the ‘aha! Moment’ when they said yes to our first customer.



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