Meet the Man Behind One Of the Largest Property Advocacies In Australia

The 26-year-old co-founder and CEO of Australia-based property advocacy firm, Henderson Advocacy, talks about his journey of making it in the real estate business and the importance of branding

By Hardik Kundu


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Real estate is one of the most profitable and growing businesses, and therefore, inevitably, an extremely overwhelming sector to invest in. During and post COVID, investors have turned extra apprehensive and cautious about the sector due to the continuing global inflation and recession and worsening global indicators. While it is smart to be inquisitive, giving up on investments simply due to fear doesn't help anyone.

Jack Henderson, the co-founder and CEO of Henderson Advocacy, bought his first property when he was just 18, and made three more successful property investments by 23. In his experience, opportunity is the foundation of success in the real estate sector. He says, buyers and sellers alike can have the opportunity to significantly improve their portfolios and financial situations with every transaction and every asset if they know how to grasp these chances and capitalize on them. In fact, he believes uncertain times like the pandemic and current interest rate environment present the best opportunities for growing one's real estate portfolio. Yet, he noticed how little most people knew about the basics of the real estate market. Even with the extreme rise of digital technology, no one in the industry had established a brand, was using polarizing tactics, or even leveraging the power of digital marketing in any way.

Jack grew up in a blue-collar family in Sydney, got expelled from school at 15, and started working in the construction and mining industry. He learnt very early the importance of grabbing an opportunity, especially when no one else is looking. When he started having success in the real estate sector with his four properties at just 23, people started asking advice from him. This slowly made him realize where his true passion lied and he poured himself into starting his own real estate advocacy business full-time. He took mentorship from some of the most brilliant minds of real estate, launched a media company on the side to build Henderson Advocacy as a brand, and gathered some of the most successful real estate agents, venture capitalists, and real estate entrepreneurs to start sailing.

Talking about the business's mottos, Jack mentions, "We help clients buy the right assets. From owner occupier homes to building out portfolio plans and scaling high-performing property portfolios."

According to Jack, the aim of Henderson Advocacy is to "bring education of property investment and wealth creation to the masses". The business makes sure to be completely transparent with their clients and provide them with the right guidance. They give the advice their clients need to hear even when they may not like hearing it. They also have a strong following on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok where the team members, including Jack himself, share educational videos regularly to offer extra help to anyone who may need it. In addition, the company believes that knowledge about the real world should start early in childhood, and has published a children's book, named 'Hender-into the Property Flamingo', with their brand mascot flamingo explaining real estate to kids.

Within just two years of starting the company, Henderson Advocacy has ranked as one of the fastest growing advocacy firms in Australia. Both Jack Henderson and Henderson Advocacy have been featured on various big publications such as Domain, Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The CEO Magazine, and many more. In the past three years, along with growing his company, Jack has also raised his personal property portfolio to a whopping $23 million. In the coming years, Jack envisions Henderson Advocacy to grow into the largest property advocacy company by both revenue and brand.

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