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Landlords, Don't Believe These 5 Myths About Online Rent Collection

Uncover five myths of online rent collection holding back landlords from making the switch to digital payments.

Real Estate

5 Strategies for Real Estate Investors to Survive (and Thrive) Amid Rising Interest Rates

Rising real estate interest rates are not a reason to stress — they are an opportunity to invest.

Real Estate

45% of Millennials Now Have Plans to Buy a Home in Suburbia — and It Has Everything to Do With This Work Policy

In the grand game of real estate, the suburbs are not just surviving — they're thriving — and it's all thanks to the game-changing work policy.

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The Real-Life 'Brady Bunch' House Is Up for Sale for $5.5 Million. And Yes, Formica Countertops Are Included.

Delivering the ultimate reality TV experience, HGTV is selling the fully-renovated home with all the groovy details diehard fans of "The Brady Bunch" will flip for.


6 Aftereffects of the INR 2000 Note Withdrawal by RBI

Following the RBI's decision to stop issuing INR 2000 notes, several businesses noticed that payments were now made in the withdrawn currency.


7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Invested In Real Estate Outside India

Like Salman Khan, several Bollywood actors have invested in the prime real estate market both in India and abroad. Out of all these locations abroad, Dubai seems to be quite a favourite spot for most of them.

Growth Strategies

Five Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Curve In A Highly Competitive Marketplace

It's not enough to simply stand out, businesses must find ways to stay ahead of the curve.

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Elon Musk Says Remote Work Is 'Morally Wrong,' Calls It 'Messed Up'

In a recent interview, the tech CEO didn't hold back on his opinion of work-from-home culture.

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HomeVestors of America Accused of Preying on Elderly, Taught to 'Find The Pain'

From targeting those close to death to tricking the elderly into deals, a recent investigation by ProPublica found some ugly truths about the company behind the widely recognizable phrase, "We Buy Ugly Houses."

Growing a Business

How Real Estate Rock Star Ryan Serhant Made His Own Luck

The founder and CEO of SERHANT. discusses the power of multimedia and the lost art of talking to strangers.

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Why Are Rents Still Sky-High? Because People Ditched Their Roommates.

The answer isn't that more people are moving back to big cities. Instead, new research suggests one driving factor: People got sick of living with each other.

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What Is Rent Payment Fraud and How Can Landlords Prevent It? Here Are 3 Expert Tips.

Managing properties and tenants can leave you vulnerable to rent payment fraud. Learn what it is, the common pitfalls and three ways to protect yourself.


Mike Meyers Is Selling His Massive Manhattan Penthouse for $20 Million

The Austin Powers star's shagadelic pad in the Chelsea neighborhood has 360-degree views of the city.

Real Estate

3 Common Myths About Real Estate Investing Debunked

Real estate investing is one of the best wealth generators in the world, but is it obtainable to everyone? It's more accessible than you may think.