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This Doctor Turned Into a Medical Entrepreneur And Helped Hundreds of Families The growth path of Dr. Mark Lowney, who-thanks to his determination and commitment-included developing three successful medical practices, including StudioEros, for the care and well-being of his patients

By Ryan Pownall

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Dr Mark Lowney
Dr Mark Lowney

Changing lifestyles have caused changing demands and expectations, especially from one's own bodies. Up until half a century ago, "six-packs' was used to refer to the 2X3 arrangement of beer cans only whilst the term became an unofficial gold standard for men's bodies soon after. Similarly, alternative reproductive methods such as IVF have traveled a long way in the last few decades from being a societal taboo to being a blessing for couples having problems in starting a family. Thus, the medical industry has a long way to go to satisfy the various needs of the diversified population. With the rapid increase in the standards of living and literacy rates across the globe, the medical industry is asking for disruption. Segments such as biotech, big data analysis systems, health apps, reproductive health, youth-preservation, etc., are booming with opportunities. The population benefits exponentially with each drop of successful Research and Development in this starving world.

Medical entrepreneurship is not just like any other form of entrepreneurship. The challenges faced by medical entrepreneurs include competition with multinational giant corporations, financial and investment hurdles, multiple corporate and government regulations, rampant bureaucracy, constant technological evolution and complimentary depreciation, diversities in the field of study, vastly irregular feedback, etc. The customers are looking only at the most efficient solution when it comes to their health and "the second best alternative' is as good as nothing. To build a useful service in such a competitive environment, one needs a lot of self-determination, perseverance and exceptional focus, just like Dr. Mark Lowney.

Full of determination from a young age, Dr. Lowney began his studies in one of the city's private Catholic schools. His great ingenuity and investigative spirit made him stand out and earned him great merit. People often ask themselves how far they can go to contribute to someone else's well-being. Practitioners like Dr. Lowney prove that sky is only the limit. Not everyone takes the time to know if they can do more for a particular person, but some stand out for their willingness to help people. Medical entrepreneurship is indeed a risky road, but when filled with passion to help people, it sure is a road to fulfilment.

Inspire with your actions

Dr. Lowney earned his medical degree from the University of Connecticut and completed his study with a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the Brown University-affiliated Women and Infant Hospital.

This last experience is the most significant in the doctor's life, which is why he chose the field of obstetrics. He was drawn to the idea of supporting couples in bringing a life into the world, and in addition to that, Dr. Lowney made sure to give the best care to women in a preventative manner.

Determined to ensure that his patients received effective treatment during and after the entire pregnancy process, Dr. Lowney became much more aware of all of his patients' uncertainties. Questions about the impact of childbirth or aging on health or perceptions of well-being further piqued the doctor's interest.

Stay focused on the outcome, not the obstacle

Dr Lowney had the idea of supporting women and couples in bringing new life into the world and ensuring that the women received effective preventative medical care. This led him to develop StudioEros, which aims to preserve health for a happier old age.

The main initiative is to eliminate the stigma and shame of aging, specifically what happens sexually to both men and women over the years. Technological advances have allowed Dr. Lowney to improve the lives of all of his patients who desire a longer and healthier life, both physically and mentally.

With his extensive experience and background, Dr. Lowney can understand why people are embarrassed to talk to their doctors about their sexual well-being, since from a certain age, people do not perform as well as they used to. StudioEros was created to offer solutions that can help preserve sexual well-being for longer, offering natural solutions for both men and women, customizing each treatment according to the patients' needs. From the beginning, the initiative was a success. Nowadays, StudioEros takes care of patients from all over the world, with great results.

Harvesting successes

For Dr. Lowney, one of the greatest successes in his life has been his family and his former highland obstetrics and gynecology practice. It was here that the idea for StudioEros was born. In addition to this, he has two more offices that he currently owns, where he continues to provide the best services to his patients.

It has always been his conviction that has allowed Dr. Lowney to achieve all his success. Likewise, his effort, hard work, and concern for his patients have allowed him to develop three successful medical practices for his patients' care and well-being. Dr. Lowney has strived throughout his career to remain professionally agile and dynamic in each of his investigations, which has favored his success.

Having multiple ventures in the lifestyle sector, Ryan likes to share his research and wisdom with fellow entrepreneurs.




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