This Entrepreneur Reached Success By Constantly Disrupting Industries James William Awad, also known as the mastermind behind TripleOne, is an entrepreneur characterized by his balance and values

By Cristian Perez

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James William Awad

The idea that a 14-year-old can earn thousands of dollars by working as a freelance programmer can be crazy for anyone. That is, until you know the story of James William Awad, an entrepreneur who saw in programming, and later decentralization, the key to reaching a great level as an entrepreneur.

From the age of 11, this young man's story began in the world of programming. Video games were his strong point. And, at 12 years of age he had already created his first video game, with his cousin, but the little experience in how to market this product prevented them from advancing.

However, this was only the beginning, at the age of 14 he started working as an independent programmer, offering his services on the Web. This made him the creditor of different projects that allowed him to earn money and continue learning in this complex profession.

After some time in the area, he decided to go further and started his online clothing brand. This step allowed him to gather in his platform more than 200,000 thousand products to start his brand. Programming and business skills were valuable in this area.

From programming to decentralization

Awad's vision didn't stop at programming alone. Later, with more experience, he built TripleOne, a company with a decentralized concept, which allows all users to work on its management and construction.

While his initial companies are in constant growth, Awad devotes a significant amount of his time to TripleOne, which currently has 13 operating companies.

All TripleOne users serve as owners. On a monthly basis, they will each receive their payments according to the value added to the company. Whether it's contributing business ideas, fulfilling jobs related to the corresponding company and contributing to its growth.

The effectiveness of this idea, allows to visualize a transformation in the process of how the ventures could work together.

Versatility and self-organization

One of the advantages that Awad highlights from decentralization is the ability to shake up the hierarchy and encourage employees to participate in building a strong and productive company.

Contribution to creativity

The direct involvement of employees can bring out creativity, commitment and provide greater fluidity on the way to the goal. The processes, in each area of the company, will be more continuous and profitable, which will increase efficiency and collaboration.

Delegating functions

For Awad, one key to decentralization is delegation. For this young entrepreneur, a leader cannot be involved in every operation. He believes it is necessary to let employees take charge of the work and to motivate them to go beyond their duties.

This concept, he assures him, qualifies them as "intrapreneurs'. It is about employees becoming versatile for the company and providing even greater value to the company.

Taking advantage of new trends

The Internet is a wide dynamic element. Therefore, keeping employees focused and allowing them to participate in important aspects can help ensure that no detail is missed in the game. This will also make it easier for leaders to focus on growing the business from other equally important perspectives.

Ensuring that everyone is moving in the same direction, potential, growth, updating and evolution, will make the work really smooth.

Reward based on value

An important aspect of decentralization, too, is the reward. Employees should not be recognized for their role within the company. They should be recognized for the value they bring to the company. It is this difference that will establish the motivation, commitment and close identification of each one with the company's purposes.

It is the vision for the future in this promising TripleOne project that occupies much of Awad's attention. However, the growth of his companies also represents a highly important aspect.

It is these two foundations that fuel the effort, work and focus of this young man who, from a very early age, is walking in the direction of achieving his dreams and bringing a great transformation to the way business works, and not only online but also breaking barriers both local and internationally.

Cristian Perez

Co-Founder of Perez Media

Cristian Perez is the Co-Founder of Perez Media, a social media marketing agency that helps public figures and entrepreneurs to boost their social media profiles.

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