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Redefining Mobility: The Story of an Unconventional Journey in Automotive Innovation Marcus Paleti, an entrepreneur with a track record of venture building stumbled upon the automotive world in 2016. While waiting for a friend in a private members club in London, Marcus found himself around engineers discussing plans for a hybrid electric vehicle, including the Late Tim Hearley, a former shareholder of Aston Martin and Jensen.

By Benjamin Jones

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Marcus Paleti, Handout

The story of Laureti is about more than just innovation; it's a narrative that places the founder, Marcus Paleti, at the intersection of chance and foresight, leading to the creation of a groundbreaking enterprise that is redefining travel and the passenger experience.

Marcus Paleti, an entrepreneur with a track record of venture building stumbled upon the automotive world in 2016. While waiting for a friend in a private members club in London, Marcus found himself around engineers discussing plans for a hybrid electric vehicle, including the Late Tim Hearley, a former shareholder of Aston Martin and Jensen. Unaware of the automotive intricacies, Marcus offered a candid remark on the project's timing, unintentionally offending the group.

Despite the initial awkwardness, two weeks later Marcus had the opportunity to apologize to Tim. This chance encounter began the collaboration that would shape Marcus's journey into the world of electric vehicles.

Tim was intrigued by Marcus's perspective and offered him the chance to delve into studies related to the emerging electric vehicle industry. Marcus spent nearly a year immersing himself in research, sharing his insights with Tim, and proposing a business strategy. Though the project to revive the Jensen brand did not materialize due to Tim's declining health, it was a transformative time for Marcus.

The turning point for Marcus occurred during a business trip in India. A four-hour car ride made him realize the lack of productivity, constant exhaustion and lack of control passengers had over very basic amenities for a productive experience. This revelation prompted Marcus to shift his focus from hardware to the passenger experience. He envisioned a travel experience where the passenger, not the driver, takes center stage.

"I'm focusing on the product and what the customer is getting out of it," Marcus shared.

With a newfound perspective on the automotive industry, Marcus founded Laureti Group. His vision extended beyond traditional automotive products, aiming to revolutionize how people experience travel. Laureti's core philosophy centered on the passenger's journey, transforming it into a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Traditionally, the automotive industry as a whole has catered to the driver of the car, not paying much attention to the passenger. Features have long been invented and innovated to make the driver's ride easier and more convenient, and while it continues to be important for the driver to be in control and minimize distractions, for many passengers, the journey experience is as important as the destination.

Marcus challenges the automotive industry to steer its focus toward the passenger. He explains, "For the last 100 years, cars have been about the driver, but the next 100 will be about the passenger." Today, Laureti caters to the business traveler, but with autonomous vehicles on the horizon, Laureti's impact will be felt for years to come.

Thanks to Laureti's MiRA.OS technology travelers can enjoy an all-inclusive cabin experience as they head from the airport to the hotel or from meeting to meeting. This software platform provides passengers with a business lounge on wheels with its multimodal technology, which includes a Productive Mode, Explorer Mode, and Indulgence Mode.

You no longer have to worry about connectivity issues when traveling, thanks to MiRA.OS. With its Productivity Mode, you can get instant access to your data and a personalized dashboard that goes with you wherever the road takes you. You can answer emails, review and tweak your current presentations, or send out recaps of your last meeting before even getting out of the car so you can free up your afternoon for sightseeing or some much-needed downtime.

While traveling for business may seem fun and exciting, very rarely do travelers get to experience the fascinating places the city has to offer. Thanks to MiRA's Explorer Mode, you can access a Heads-Up Display on the window screen that provides you with real-time information about the restaurants or historical sites you pass by. You can even get personalized recommendations based on your food preferences or the types of experiences you prefer. No longer do you have to feel like you don't know where to go or what to do.

Finally, if you prefer your car rides to be an escape from everything business-related, you want to take advantage of the Indulgence Mode. With comfortable seating and a dashboard that connects to all your streaming services, this immersive theater experience lets you sit back, get comfy, and pick up right where you left off on your favorite show.

Car rides are no longer a pause from one destination to another with Laureti and MiRA.OS, your journey can be as seamless as you need it to be.

One of the most important components of Laureti vehicles is safety, particularly for the female business traveler. With a reported 42% of business owners being women and about one-third of businesses worldwide being owned by women, ensuring their safety is not just a perk but a necessity. Of these female business travelers, 83% have reported safety concerns when traveling, according to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). Being able to offer a solution that helps lower and hopefully eliminate this statistic is a pressing goal for Laureti.

Laureti vehicles feature an emergency alert system that monitors vehicle movement, driving patterns, route changes, travel time, and passenger physiology. If it detects anomalies, it sends an alert to a remote operator for quick response, enhancing passenger safety.

"It's about providing a certain level of comfort where women know we have certain safer mechanisms in our Laureti cars, and we have their back. I'm hoping that this is just the beginning of solving so many other problems that we haven't yet thought of," says Marcus.

Laureti Group's journey is a testament to Marcus Paleti's unconventional path from fashion to mobility innovation. As the founder, he envisions the next 100 years shifting the focus from the driver to the passenger. Laureti's commitment to productivity, seamlessness, and accessibility positions it at the forefront of a transformative era in transportation.


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