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What Would You Tell Your Younger Self? We asked six entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region to reflect on the lessons learnt, and share the advice they wish to tell their younger selves. Here's what they had to say

By Komal Nathani

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We all have our share of regrets. May be it was the wrong choice at college, the wrong early investment, the habit of constantly worrying about the future, or not taking life seriously enough. Of course, we cannot go back in time and change our choices, and why should we? These setbacks are actually valuable lessons in disguise that make us what we are today. We asked six entrepreneurs in the AsiaPacific region to reflect on the lessons learnt, and share the advice they wish to tell their younger selves. Here's what they had to say.

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

David Sosna, founder-CEO, Personetics (Japan)

"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon, just stop for a moment."

Entrepreneur India

Renee Wang, founder-CEO, Castbox (China)

"When you see an opportunity in the market and the timing aligns, you need to seize the opportunity with everything you have. Everyone understands that being an entrepreneur requires unwavering dedication and commitment, but there's actually more to it than that. You also have to know when to go all in on a project or a decision."

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

Phil Zamani, CEO and chairman of AERGO and co-CEO of Blocko (South Korea)

Be more humble and surround yourself with smarter people earlier in your career. Don't waste time (especially on games!), and find a job or role that you are passionate about (money is secondary). Finally, spend more time with your parents and make them proud.

Company handout

Ruth Hatherley, founder-CEO, Moneycatcha (Australia)

"... to be brave, always. Surround yourself with people who want to help you be the best version of you. Find what nourishes your soul and do that every day. There's always a path to success so don't be afraid to be unconventional. It's always darkest before the dawn so keep going toward the exact point where you want to be."

Company handout

Avneesh Agrawal, CEO, Netradyne (India/US)

"Don't stress over the little stuff. Bigger challenges and opportunities are waiting for you."

Entrepreneur India

Vaibhav Dabhade, founder-CEO, Anchanto (Singapore)

"Quit your job and get into the startup scene as early as possible, and last but not the least, saving some money on the side would go a long way."

With inputs from Pooja Singh and Nidhi Singh.

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Komal Nathani

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

A firm believer of hard work and patience. Love to cover stories that hold a potential to change the momentum of business world. Currently, a part of all-women web team of Entrepreneur’s Asia Pacific edition to jig the wheel of business journalism!


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