This Agency Works To Improve a Company's Brand Identity Ramotion develops visual identities and comes up with tons of brand strategies to push a brand to the success it deserves

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Denis Pakhaliuk
Denis Pakhaliuk

A startup takes considerable time to make its brand name famous. It has to pay attention to its products and services and market them to their target audience. Most entrepreneurs feel puzzled when they need to balance both these things at the same time. And that results in delaying the success of the brand.

But Ramotion can change all this and turn things in your favor. This branding agency can develop visual identities and come up with tons of brand strategies to push your brand to the success it deserves. It has already worked with various tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York with incredible results. The company has the uncanny ability to help brands find their unique identity and establish their reputation among their target audience.

Unique approach

With over 10 years of experience in this field, Ramotion has developed a unique approach that involves creating stand-out brand designs that build trust. Since they focus on digital tech brands, they make sure that the brand design and identity work seamlessly in the online environment. Their brand design remains visually consistent throughout all mediums, allowing your target audience to recognize the procedure whenever they see it. But the design process is not their sole responsibility. You also need to take an active part when they consult with you. This collaboration guarantees that client expectations are always met.

Types of services

Ramotion follows an extensive brand guideline that provides positive results for clients. Their three-fold strategy works wonders for brand illustrations, thus helping them reach the target audience quickly. The following strategy lie at the core of Ramotion's process:

Brand strategy: The brand strategy includes audience analysis, brand equity audit, strategic direction, and competitive review.

Brand identity: Brand identity involves combining different steps, such as icon and illustration guides, visual identity system, optical positioning, and brand application.

Communication strategy: How you communicate with your audience is also crucial for your brand's identity. Ramotion uses strategies like tagline exploration, verbal identity, and communication style guide to reach your audiences.

Improving branding identity

The CEO of Ramotion, Denis Pakhaliuk, believes most entrepreneurs focus only on brand marketing. They forget the essential elements that make a brand recognizable, such as its logo, colors, and typeface. And that's where Ramotion strikes first. They create a logo that best represents your brand while ensuring that it will stick in your target customers' minds. Denis says that if your audience doesn't remember your logo, they would indeed skip your ads the next time they see them.

Ramotion's branding philosophy is different from other branding agencies. It designs small packages for clients, releases them, and then iterates them so that the brand reaches the level of success the clients hope for. Instead of solely paying attention to promoting your brand, Ramotion takes care of the small elements that eventually bring success to your brand. Here's how the experts at Ramotion work to make your brand popular among your target audience:

Identifying your objectives: Every project starts by identifying what the client needs. Of course, brand promotion is the primary objective here, but which area are you targeting? Do you want to promote your brand locally, within your country, or internationally? Ramotion's team will help you identify your target audience, reach out to them through various channels, and ensure that your visual identity remains consistent to improve brand recognition.

Developing a plan: Ramotion takes pride in forming a team consisting of experts in different areas of digital marketing. This enables the company to formulate a cohesive plan that covers all the bases, increasing the chances of improving your target audience's visibility and letting them know that your brand exists.

Style application: What makes your brand logo stand out? Is it the logo's design, its colors, or the font? Or maybe a combination of all three? You can let the professionals at Ramotion take care of all this. You can share your insights once you see the brand design they've created. Your feedback is crucial at every stage because the experts consider it as the foundation upon which they formulate their ideas. If you don't like something, convey your message to them well in advance. This gives the team enough time to work on the brand's design to stand out from your competitors.

Promoting your brand: From promoting your brand on social media to coming up with new strategies to reach your target audience, allow the experts to take charge because they've been doing this for years. Ramotion has worked with Mozilla Firefox, Turo and Tile and would do everything they can to drive your brand to the success it deserves.

It's challenging to find a company that is willing to work with startups and propelling them to new heights. But Ramotion isn't your ordinary branding agency. It takes on that challenge and ensures that your target audience knows about your brand, thus improving your sales volume over time and putting your company in a prime position to be at the top of your industry.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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