Moon.Art – The Fully Regulated, Eco-Friendly NFT Marketplace is Revolutionizing NFT Trading NFTs are being envisioned as the next big thing in the digital world

By Deepika Singh

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The global NFT market size is expected to grow from $3 billion in 2022 to $13.6 billion by 2027, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.0% from 2022 to 2027. The impact of Non Fungible Tokens in the last few years has been more than what was expected from it. Now, NFTs are being envisioned as the next big thing in the digital world and it might as well be true with the growing popularity that it has attracted.

The creation and trading of NFTs has been on a steep rise over the past few years due to the development of different versions of metaverse by leading companies like Meta, Microsoft and more. This has led to the significant expansion of the metaverse, and with digital art as its largest component, NFT marketplaces have become increasingly important. However, existing NFT marketplaces have joined the market in large numbers with no regulated environment, bad carbon footprint, and limited to technophiles.

With no regulated environment, these marketplaces attract many illegal activities such as scams and frauds, thereby damaging their reputation. As a result, this discourages many people from investing in NFTs. Likewise, the market is currently limited to people with deep technical knowledge -- purchasing an NFT is always difficult for people without technical expertise. Moreover, the growth of the NFT market is linearly dependent on power consumption and this leads to increasing carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.

This is why there is a need for a marketplace like Moon.Art where anyone can discover, buy and sell rare digital collectibles – from game items to digital artwork, music, domain names, metaverse items and much more – in a regulated and user-friendly environment with little previous technical knowledge.

The idea behind Moon.Art marketplace is to create a solution for developing a user-friendly and safe NFT Marketplace while at the same time with net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. The platform is a new and unique space to trade non-fungible tokens and crypto collectibles.

An unconventional approach to NFT trading

One of the most important innovations at Moon.Art is the creation of a fully regulated NFT marketplace. Moon.Art will be the first NFT marketplace in the EEA which is fully regulated by industry regulators. This also allows a FIAT currency interface for newcomers to be able to make a seamless NFT purchase, as well as a custodian service.The purchase of NFTs on Moon.Art will be possible via the Ethereum blockchain and also via other blockchain networks like Cardano, Polygon or the Binance Smart Chain. Users can also pay for the NFTs on Moon.Art not only with Ethereum but also with different tokens as well as FIAT currencies.Users who either connect their crypto wallet to the platform or have a registered account with an associated wallet on the platform can trade NFTs on Moon.Art marketplace by paying the fixed price or by rejecting and bidding on the price lists. Furthermore, the fully regulated NFT marketplace intends to onboard the next wave of NFT collectors and creators as the first custodial multichain NFT marketplace developed by the people and for the people with extra benefits via Keycards.

Moon.Art NFT Keycard

Keycard holders will be part of the Moon.Art community and gain premium access to member-only lifetime benefits:

- 50% discount on the Moon.Art marketplace trading fees for keycard holders

- 50% of the trading fees from the marketplace are automatically redistributed to the keycard holders

- Pre access to the beta version of the Moon.Art marketplace

Additionally, loyal supporters with more than one Keycard are rewarded with additional benefits such as reduction of the trading fees by 5% until it reaches zero.

There will be a maximum of 10,000 keycards available for minting. The mint will be conducted in line with all relevant AML/CFT regulations. To participate in the minting process, investors will be required to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process before they will be allowed to purchase a keycard. They will need to successfully pass a KYC process where they will be required to verify their identity and provide additional personal information.

80% of the Keycards will be sold via a public Mint, 15% of the Keycards will stay in the Treasury to cover up unexpected costs that may occur during the project, and 5% of the Keycards will be used to incentive for Moon.Art's key partners in its quest to build the largest, community driven and carbon neutral NFT Marketplace and also to reward existing and future members of the Moon.Art team. Additionally, Moon.Art will compensate for the carbon dioxide consumption of the mint by supporting a climate protection project whose goals are to sequester CO₂ from the atmosphere.

For Moon.Art, reshaping the NFT sector is not just a vision, it is their mission to revolutionize NFT trading. Therefore, Moon.Art is already in motion to build the world's first community-driven, eco-friendly, and regulatory-compliant NFT marketplace in order to achieve a better NFT-world.

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Author bio - A growth-hacker in nature, Deepika strives to shine light on the most innovative and creative business ideas from around the globe.

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