The Price Of Doing Nothing Versus Making Mistakes: Insights From An Experienced Content Creator Dilan Abeya is a renowned UK-based content creator who believes that taking timely action is the only way through in order for change to occur.

By Maria D'Souza

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According to Dilan, we can only be successful if we accept

Inaction is sometimes more of a personal choice, something we deliberately do, and there can be a variety of reasons behind why. Moreover, we fail to understand that inaction may cost us much more than we realize.

Dilan Abeya is a renowned UK-based content creator who believes that taking timely action is the only way through in order for change to occur. He is of the opinion that whether it's our personal or professional life, our growth is dependent on our ability to take prompt action wherever necessary.

Inaction can have a high price in many areas of our lives; it affects our emotional and physical state and can trigger economic turbulence. Dilan believes that while the fear of losing and making mistakes is quite natural, the same fear also hampers our growth. We stay stuck in an indecisive cycle, never trying to achieve the greatness we can because of our response to fear or change.

"No matter what your current circumstances are, if you can visualize something better for yourself, you can modify what you have today to achieve what you desire," Dilan says.

Life is rarely simple. And we all face challenges and ups and downs. Dilan's life is a testament to overcoming adversity and tackling challenges head-on. He never shys away from taking the necessary steps that would ensure working towards his happiness.

It took some time and consistent effort, but he was able to transform his circumstances. His Instagram account displays his inspirational journey through various personal and professional adversities.

According to Dilan, we can only be successful if we accept "that our fear of the unknown prevents us from being the best version of ourselves". We generally hold ourselves back and fail to act in a timely manner, spending too much time overthinking issues that might lead to us abandoning many ideas and goals. This is not conducive to a fulfilling existence.

Using the power and might of social media, Dilan constantly motivates others to strive to achieve our highest goals. Regardless of various drawbacks that may arise to bring us down, whether we are heartbroken, fatigued, or alone, we must keep moving and do so without the fear of doubt or making mistakes.

If we have a positive mindset, we could argue that our "flaws" make us unique and consequently, this uniqueness "empowers" us, if we apply it well. While impulsive uncalculated risks are harmful, arguably, excessive caution can be even more expensive, as inaction furnishes the way to missed opportunities.

Dilan thinks that while "a resting state" may seem like the best option in some situations, it is rarely the case. The cost of inaction can become extremely high as you stand to lose out on so much life has to offer.

Dilan Abeya motivates many people because of his resilience, dedication, and work ethic. He's a multi-talented individual who has achieved recognition as a fitness model, influencer, and outstanding videographer.

Check out his Instagram and website for inspiration and become a better version of yourself

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