Want to be a Full-time YouTuber? Here's How You Can Monetize Your Channel Only when content shared on YouTube attracts an audience, can a brand or individual expect to earn a healthy income

By Aashqeen

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YouTube offers anyone skilled in showmanship and having a talent for telling stories that connect with an audience an opportunity to become famous in a short period of time. In the past, most aspiring stars had to travel to a city that had a thriving movie industry and although many still do so today, many others with talent are using YouTube to showcase their skills as actors, directors, and scriptwriters. Some such YouTube stars have gone on to become celebrities and household names who command a loyal following of millions. Some such loyal followers stay tuned for every episode broadcast from a YouTube channel that's owned by a celebrity or brand whose wit, sarcasm, or views they appreciate. YouTube also presents brands an opportunity to create content that connects with viewers and enhances an audience's appreciation of the brand.

Attract an Audience Using YouTube

YouTube celebrities are not only great actors, scriptwriters, and directors, they're also astute businesspeople. While many such people have a loyal fan following, they also earn a significant income along with fame using the content they create. Importantly while there are a number of individual YouTube celebrities, many businesses can also manage a YouTube channel and earn significant revenue from it while simultaneously promoting their company.

Promotions through digital media channels have the potential to reach out to those consumers who're most willing to buy the products being promoted. Today, no one can argue that the influence of digital media in successfully enhancing a brand or in nurturing an emerging brand is not immense. Furthermore, as more people of all ages spend a larger share of their time on social media, social media presents brands with the opportunity to attract growing numbers of fresh consumers to their brands. Some techniques brands can use to monetize their YouTube channel are explained below.

The Need for Original Content

Original content is crucial for a YouTube channel to be a success. When a channel creates original content it is rewarded by YouTube with monetary payouts. On the other hand, a channel that uses copyrighted material will not be paid any revenue by YouTube. So a brand that expects to earn revenues from its YouTube channel should first and foremost create original content. However simply having a great deal of mediocre content is not enough to make a Youtube channel a success. The content that is created by a brand should be engaging and should attract a large viewership.

If a brand creates a channel that has original content which attracts a large viewership it can expect to earn significant revenue from its channel.

Using Affiliations

One of the best ways for a business to earn revenues from its channel is by using affiliations. How two distinct kinds of businesses may do so is elaborated below.


A business such as a restaurant can earn a significant income by creating its own YouTube channel on which it teaches its audience how to cook food using its recipes. When a restaurant creates a successful YouTube channel that is viewed regularly by thousands or more viewers, the owners of the channel not only earn revenues from YouTube but can earn revenues by promoting products as well. A restaurant can share which brands ingredients it prefers to add to its recipes. By doing so, the restaurant can expect a payout from the company that makes the ingredients which the restaurant promotes on its channel.

Resorts and Vacation Destinations

Companies that promote locations can create content that is shot in the backdrop of locations they want to promote. Not only should such content subtly convey why the location where such content is filmed should be visited, but the content should also be engaging. Brands that promote a locality could have a tie-up with clothing manufacturers and let their YouTube audience know which brands apparel is worn by the actors in a video. When a brand that promotes locations such as tourist spots or wedding locations successfully attracts a large enough audience, it can expect large brands to pay for the privilege of showing their brands in the videos.

The videos shot at unique locations can reveal to an audience what makes such locations different and definitely worth a visit. However, the only winning formula for having a successful YouTube channel is creating unique and engaging content that connects with a large viewership. Once a brand has creative and engaging content, it can weave around such content brand placements for which companies are willing to pay handsomely.

In Closing

Original content created on YouTube can be of various genres including comedy, drama, science fiction, romance, and others. The crucial need is however that whatever be the genre of sketches, they should attract an audience. Only when content shared on YouTube attracts an audience, can a brand or individual expect to earn a healthy income from their YouTube channel.



Aashqeen is an Indian You Tuber who failed in engineering but got passed in making viral content, has almost 2 million You Tube subscribers for his viral content and has been in this profession for last three years. 


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