4 Money-Making Online Business Ideas That Need No Investment

The Net is truly a democratic medium for entrepreneurship

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Everyone wants to start an online business that does not demand any investment. The beauty of Internet is such that you can live anywhere you want, set your own schedule, and work as little or as much as you want, and still become an entrepreneur—all at no cost.

Here are some ideas for businesses you can start online.

Creating Wordpress Themes

Wordpress is being used by many these days as their websites. More people want to establish an online presence, and WordPress is a user-friendly site where people can put up their blogs and other content. Consequently, the demand for WordPress themes and templates is rising. People who can design websites and know how to do HTML coding can have a good chance of building a business. Create these themes and sell them online.


Whatever websites we open, SEO is behind them. We can open, access and browse a website only when it is able to do so. If it is slow and takes too much time, visitors will abandon it. Every company has websites, and they need someone to manage it. Nowadays the competition is so tough, that if a website is not fast enough, visitors will move on to some better website in the competition. If brands and companies want their sales and traffic to go up, they have to focus on their SEO, and you can provide them with the expertise.

Sell domains

Many people are in the business of buying and selling domain names to earn money, and it takes little time and investment. You can purchase a domain online at its registration price, which is not too much, and then sell it further for a profit. But it is better if you do your homework first on domain auction websites so you can make a good idea of the popular domain names.

Build apps

Smartphones are everywhere, and the demand for creative apps is only increasing in popularity by the day. Whether it is games, learning apps, fitness apps, or some other creative apps, everyone is using them on a daily basis. App development may take time and creative genius, but once you put it out there, it will be worth it. The apps cost you almost nothing to develop, and there is no shipping or storage cost involved either. All of this only expands your overall profit margin. Apps that perform well make thousands in ad revenue every month, making them a great passive income strategy for the creators.