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A Blockchain Networking Conference To Look Forward To The Everscale blockchain's upcoming EVERPOINT Conference will be attended by some of the biggest names in the industry

By Srivatsa KR

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The Everscale network is one of the blockchain industry's most up-and-coming. As evinced by its name, Everscale is the most scalable blockchain network in existence. The network's incomparable scalability has been achieved thanks to its dynamic sharding mechanism which enables it to process millions of transactions per second and charge infinitesimal transaction fees. This sharding mechanism gives the network its unique ability to adapt itself to any load size, which in turn, allows it to process millions of transactions instantaneously and at near-zero fees.

Built to be able to handle a massive amount of users, in the two years since Everscale launched, it has made significant progress towards its goal of offering users a completely decentralized, safe and limitlessly scalable DeFi experience.

The Everscale network has built up an inclusive and diverse ecosystem around itself, with a native DEX, which will soon feature its own order book and where users can make exchanges between different kinds of digital assets and engage in yield farming and staking mechanisms with high APR rates; a native digital asset wallet; a cross-chain bridge platform that allows users to send liquidity between other networks and Everscale; a DAO-controlled launchpad and an NFT marketplace. Of these Everscale platforms, Octus Bridge and the FlatQube DEX have been enjoying remarkable growth of late, with the latter experiencing a doubling of its TVL over the past month, to where it now numbers well over $80 million.

The entire ecosystem and the progress that has been made over the past two years will be on display at the EVERPOINT Conference, set to kick off on May 7 in Bali. The event has been planned to commemorate the network's second anniversary and also celebrate Everscale's expansion campaign into Asian, which will start with the opening up of operations in Bali and Indonesia. As one of the most technically advanced and capable blockchain networks, Everscale's potential as a springboard for other Asian DeFi products is limitless.

Conference panels and speakers

A constellation of some of blockchain's brightest from all over the world has been put together to make EVERPOINT one of Indonesia's premier cryptocurrency events. The conference will be centered around three marquee panel discussions with industry visionaries.

The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Indonesia

One of the panels, featuring IndoCoin Nusantara Trust Ltd founder Henri Morgan Napitupulu, MX Global CEO Fadzli Shah Bin Anuar, Coinstore founder Irvan Tisnabudi, Masamune founder Aditya Uozumi, Millennia Ventures founder Gan Fong Jek, PVG Founder/CEO Vladislav Ayukaev and x0swap CEO Andry Suhaili will delve into the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Indonesia. Their discussion will span a wide range of topics, from regulatory questions in the country, VC and private equity positions on crypto and the prospects of Indonesian cryptocurrency projects, to the particulars of the Indonesian NFT market and the local approach to the metaverse.

DAOs and what they mean for the future of interoperability

Another panel will take a deep dive into DAOs and what they mean for the future of interoperability. The guest speakers here will include CEO David Pulis, GP Vasiliy Smekalov and Cointelegraph Editor-in-chief Kristina Lucrezia Corner. The panel will cover everything concerning DAOs, from the basics to the validity of security concerns, the purpose of cross-chain DAOs, how dividend distribution should work and the potential for future legal integrations.

CDBCs and New-Wave Stablecoins: Will Tether Remain the King?

The final marquee panel will discuss the evergreen issue of CBDCs and stablecoins. In particular, the speakers, private investor Dragan Marincovic and Warp Consulting CEO and Everscale DeFi Alliance founding member Sergey Dzhurinskiy, will look at the new crop of stablecoins that have been making waves in the industry and discuss whether Tether's longevity as the dominant stablecoin will be sustainable in the long term.

Tickets for the event are all NFTs and rare collectibles on the Everscale blockchain. Of the three tiers of tickets that went up for sale, two have already been sold out, but there are still VIP tickets available for the conference and event.

While those who are unable to attend will certainly be missing out on one of the biggest blockchain events to come to Bali and an unparalleled networking opportunity, this is actually only the first taste of Everscale in Asia. As this event in part marks the opening up of Everscale operations on Bali, much more is sure to come.

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Srivatsa KR

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