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A User-Centric Entertainment EcoSystem that Empowers Creators and Consumers Bootstrapped since January 2021, DeHub has offered a redefining vision of VR-ready sport, motion picture, music and gaming built on NFT infrastructure

By Srivatsa KR

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A new wave of web 3.0 innovation is set to disrupt industries and change how we interact with the digital world. Entertainment, commerce, and social interactions will transform as this new frontier takes shape. DeHub is doing more than most to lead this transformation by building an all-encompassing entertainment hub designed with its users at the centre.

Bootstrapped since January 2021, DeHub has offered a redefining vision of VR-ready sport, motion picture, music and gaming built on NFT infrastructure since before 'metaverse' and 'NFT' became blockchain buzzwords. The project is the first grassroots contender to offer a lifestyle-focused utility-rich environment for its users based on an active network and shared token economy. DeHub already boasts a network and keen community who have bought into the novel, rewarding and sustainable tokenomics designed to keep the ecosystem well-oiled. Indeed, close to two-thirds of the $DEHUB token's deflationary supply is currently staked in a custom-coded smart contract simultaneously earning reflections, BNB rewards and a revenue-sharing yield.

But $DEHUB holders aren't simply yield farming. Holding tokens enables users to access a vast array of original, licensed and aggregated streaming content. On February 22nd DeHub will release the second iteration of its game-changing OTT streaming solution. The first version of this app (branded as 'FTV' and released in 2021 as a web app and Google Play Store download) provided a proof of concept. The imminent DeHub d'app release promises to bring web 3.0 functionality to streamers. DeHub holders will be able to connect to the d'app with their crypto wallet and access tiers of content that correspond to their $DEHUB holdings, with no requirement to spend their tokens. Indeed, most will continue staking. This certainly beats the subscription or ad-based models of legacy streaming services, especially for the unbanked and privacy-conscious. DeHub's network members can also play an executive role in the project by voting on content uploads and removals, production funding, renewals, cancellations, awards, and rewards. In this way, DeHub makes its members into moguls, offering ownership and empowerment.

Holding more $DEHUB means more exclusive content will be available to view, including as the project matures, original motion picture productions. In a matter of months, we can also look forward to exclusive DeHub hosted MMA and boxing Fight Nights. Whilst free for $DEHUB holders in qualifying tiers, these events are expected to draw in large numbers of casual viewers on a Pay-Per-View (PPV) basis through a combination of big-name rosters and novel viewing experiences such as VR functionality that will put fans themselves in the ring. DeHub also intends to introduce audience voting on winners of certain Fight Night events, challenging corruption, inexperience, and human error in judging. Fighters in the know are said to be thrilled at the prospect of seeing visualisations of quantified audience feedback mid-bout.

MMA is cited as the world's fastest-growing spectator sport, and DeHub is well-positioned to pioneer blockchain-backed Fight Night entertainment. DeHub COO Mike Hales is a dedicated mixed martial artist with an impressive network in the industry. Mike has also put his art school background to use producing the ground-breaking Lean Chad Fight Club NFT collection. Sneak peeks of these artworks are already taking Instagram and Twitter by storm as UFC and Bellator champs adopt them for profile pictures. Once minted these NFTs will grant holders membership of an exclusive social club with privileges that include access to Fight Night events, a network of gyms and dojos, and social occasions in the metaverse and the physical world.

NFTs will also be tradeable in DeHub's BSC-based marketplace, similar to OpenSea or LooksRare. The Lean Chad NFTs will later become playable and upgradeable avatars in DeHub's first original game, a 2D arcade-style play-to-earn beat 'em up. Indeed, DeHub is building big in the realms of NFTs and gaming, with exclusive tokenisation of highly collectable fine art already lined up in partnership with a gallery; and an ambitious gaming guild gearing up for its first tournament.

Curiosity and scepticism abound in discussions of web 3.0 technology, but DeHub is a project that can help to clarify the value proposition of building a digital ecosystem that sees its users as sovereign stakeholders. User-centric products and services always have an advantage, and DeHub is building its integrated, barrier-free online environment around the needs and interests of its network members. DeHub embraces user-created content and will incorporate a watch-to-earn element where users are rewarded for engaging with content produced by unsigned artists, and for watching fight cards featuring unknown athletes. User-funded and curated content will help to establish DeHub as a unique and uniquely rewarding lifestyle and entertainment hub.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

Srivatsa KR

Start-up enthusiast & Blogger


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