How E-Commerce Businesses Can Stay Afloat In 'the New Normal'

Connectum is a solution for those who are looking for a feature-rich system which will not load accounting with extra work

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The year 2020 has been a harsh one in many respects, and yet, in one respect it has seen immense development, and that is e-commerce and digitalization. With offline venues globally shut down because of coronavirus, businesses had no other choice but to go online. Not just that, but availability of only online shopping for the majority of consumers has given rise to completely new forms of businesses and startups. And of course, when you are launching an e-commerce project, one of the first things you would look up is a reliable and affordable acquiring partner. Perhaps the one who also has free merchant onboarding such as Connectum Limited.

Zayn Khan

Reliability and low pricing are key issues, because in 2021 many online businesses are a one-person venture. Or maybe a small group venture, but in any case, it's an enterprise where the owner is also an SMM manager, a salesperson and support coordinator, among other things. That's why any business aspects not directly related to production or services rendered by the business need to be at their most convenient.

According to statistics, 80 per cent of consumers prefer card payments to cash. The stats include offline retail stores and this means, if an e-commerce business owner wants good reach, accepting card payments is a must. In fact, without it an e-commerce business is as good as dead. But one does not simply get a merchant account with an acquiring service, right? This service partner needs to be safe for your customers to trust to, easy to integrate with, their commissions must be reasonable, and it has to support a wide range of cards and e-payment methods. And it has to meet a number of other requirements so that you receive your payments in a secure and timely manner, and your customers are happy with their purchase processing. Let's take a look at how Connectum fits the bill.

A lot of merchants who are starting out are worried that acquirers often only work with payment systems and card issuers that are popular in one part of the world and hardly have any presence in others. Which, of course, is limiting. Connectum supports Visa, Mastercard, and Mir, as well as GooglePay and ApplePay, and that covers the vast majority of all card payments. Add to that multi-currency processing and full support of SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) payments and outside-SEPA payments being handled by SWIFT. Moreover, Connectum, a payment institution authorized in the UK, is a Principal Member Acquirer of Visa and Mastercard. This means your payments are processed with lower fees, but also is a stamp of the highest security level.

Speaking of security, Connectum's PCI DSS level 1 certificate and antifraud system that utilizes machine learning to make it a certainty that you won't have headaches caused by a payment security problem or a fraudulent chargeback, and neither will your customers. Their private information is completely safe with Connectum. It also has a dedicated team of researchers that make sure the system stays up to date with top-notch security technologies and always a step ahead of frauds and confidentiality issues.

Another big red flag for many e-commerce business owners is the fact that acquiring is often associated with untransparent payment schemes and hidden fees. However, this is not the case with Connectum. It has a completely clear commission system so that you will be able to calculate your acquiring expenses before you roll out. Connectum's competitive fees and flexible pricing approach make it possible for companies with the tightest budgets to enroll and function successfully.

What if my company is very small and I need something basic? Or, what if my company processes a huge amount of payments and needs a wide range of acquiring services, preferably single sourced? With Connectum, these notions do not contradict. The system's architecture is built to accommodate all types of businesses, big and small. In addition to that, Connectum offers a variety of partnership options, from fully fledged payment service provider solutions to agent partnerships. Our partners can offer Connectum as part of their services to their customers and receive rewards for each new client joining Connectum network.

Connectum is a solution for those who are looking for a feature-rich system which will not load accounting with extra work. Tokens and e-invoicing make for a simple and clear accounting workflow, so even if you do not have a full-time accountant of your own, you will still be able to have your payments processed with ease and clarity.

Now, you don't have to be or have an accountant to implement Connectum, but do you have to be a developer? What if your web shop uses ready-made structures, has no admin but you, and you are not exactly tech-savvy? Worry not, integrating Connectum's services is simple enough so that even people with routine knowledge of web services can manage it.

And what about when something goes wrong? For many e-commerce venture owners business is a very personal matter. They handle their production and customers personally, and it is very upsetting when they have to wait in phone call lines, talk to endless chat bots or helpless IVRs to get technical support. For Connectum, customers are also a very personal matter. That's why it appoints a personal account managerto every one of them and provides quick and efficient 24/7 support via email and phone in several languages. And if for some reason your personal manager is not available, Connectum always has a secondary one for each customer.

According to the latest market research, Connectum proves to be one of the top acquiring service providers, scoring highest in several vital positions. These include low commission fees, ease of integration and onboarding, highly qualified staff and round-the-clock support team that helps new customers to get a quick and efficient start and to begin gaining their momentum. Connectum is also one of the highest-rated systems among merchants in the EU.

With e-commerce experiencing a development surge over the last few years, it's always a challenge to stay on top as a business and as a service provider. That is why Connectum's motto is Security, Quality and Innovation. Being flexible and open to negotiations, and novel technologies helps Connectum provide highest quality services. This way its customers do not just stay afloat the giant and ever-changing e-commerce ocean, but navigate it with all the wind in their sails.

And Connectum is pricing down. Signing up for a merchant account is now totally free. It has never been easier to enroll.