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This AI-gaming layer 3 startup is on a mission to redefine the web3 gaming landscape Long Do, CEO of Anomaly, is on a mission to revolutionize the Web3 gaming space. Anomaly is at the forefront of a gaming revolution that seamlessly integrates the vast potential of blockchain technology with the boundless capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Long Do, CEO of Anomaly

Long Do, CEO of Anomaly, is on a mission to revolutionize the Web3 gaming space. Anomaly is at the forefront of a gaming revolution that seamlessly integrates the vast potential of blockchain technology with the boundless capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).

By breaking boundaries as a Layer 3 blockchain platform, Anomaly is reimagining a decentralized gaming world that's not just innovative, but also revolutionary.

Background and Inspiration

With over ten years of experience as a tech engineer and product manager in various industries, Long's passion for gaming began the first time he held an NES controller and played Contra on Nintendo. In 2021, he created a NFT game, introducing innovations like smart contract wallets and on-chain point systems, which was acquired by Virtually Human Studios.

Long's inspiration for creating Anomaly stemmed from his deep involvement in web3 and his desire to innovate beyond traditional gaming. Fascinated by the rapid evolution of AI, he founded Anomaly Games Inc. to pioneer the intersection of gaming and advanced technologies, aspiring to push AI towards sentience.

Anomaly AI Gaming App

Anomaly positions itself at the forefront of a transformative shift in gaming – the rise of mini-game apps on social media platforms. This, according to Long, represents an untapped frontier for user acquisition and engagement, especially within the Web3 space.

"I believe the gaming industry is on the cusp of a transformative shift with the advent of mini-game apps on social platforms like Telegram and now Discord. This evolution represents an untapped user acquisition and engagement frontier, particularly within the web3 space," said Long.

By integrating with social platforms, Anomaly bypasses the traditional app store and download hurdles, allowing users to start playing instantly within a chat or community server. This seamless access encourages spontaneous participation and sharing among users. Additionally, social platforms naturally foster virality, enabling users to easily invite their friends to join the game within their existing networks.

As a Layer 3 blockchain platform, Anomaly aims to transcend the limitations of traditional blockchaintechnology by creating a groundbreaking decentralized gaming environment. The platform enhances gaming privacy through DePIN, ensuring user data protection without sacrificing the interactivity and immersive nature of gameplay. Furthermore, Anomaly leverages roll-up technology to boost scalability and efficiency, allowing the blockchain to meet the high demands of contemporary gaming and AI computations, while maintaining speed and a smooth user experience.

Play-To-Airdrop Model

Anomaly's approach to community engagement is built around the Play-To-Airdrop model, which rewards users for their participation and time invested. "We recognize the value of their effectiveness in acknowledging their efforts," said Long. To further encourage participation, we plan to introduce a Socials/Referrals leaderboard, offering prizes to top-performing users and fostering a sense of friendly competition.

The model's fundamental principle is to recognize and reward participation and contribution. Highly engaged users receive a disproportionate share of incentives, receiving more prizes as a testament to their commitment and active involvement in the ecosystem. "This approach does more than just incentivize activity; it encourages a vibrant, engaged community where contributions are visible and valued," said Long.

By rewarding participation and fostering a competitive yet cooperative environment, Anomaly can build a stronger, more connected community. This enhances the overall experience for all users and solidifies the foundation of the Anomaly ecosystem.

Anomaly Future Outlook

"We want to build a new community of like-minded enthusiasts for AI and web3 and meet them where they are on platforms like Telegram," says Long. Anomaly aims to expand this vision by exploring other social platforms and reaching new gaming audiences to introduce innovative technologies and game mechanics.

One of our most exciting initiatives is the gamified cloud node service. As Long highlights, "Many blockchains like Xai and Gala have started introducing the idea of mining and running node validators that allow speculators to invest." While Bitcoin mining is well-known, it remains inaccessible for most users due to its complexity and the significant power required. Anomaly's goal is to democratize this process, enabling anyone to become a node validator without the need for complicated setups.

Anomaly is also developing Wildstone, a game poised to rival popular titles like Marvel Snap, the Mobile Game of the Year. Long expresses his enthusiasm: "We are very excited to build a unique game that changes how we perceive how AI can interact with users." Wildstone will offer a rich community experience, featuring player agents and an AI-as-a-game engine, pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming.

Anomaly's future is focused on creating engaging and accessible experiences, bridging the gap between advanced technologies and everyday users, and fostering a vibrant community centered around AI and web3.


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