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This Blockchain Tech Is Providing Advanced Solutions For The Defi Market Leonicorn Swap project is aimed at helping solve the limitations within DeFi

By Shishir Jajoo

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Leonicorn Swap

The recent pandemic has forced many to seek alternative ways to do business, especially within the financial market, to avoid facing the significant losses that come with increased inflation. As they watched various financial assets lose their value and people lose millions due to inflation, the need for better structure within the financial market became eminent. To help build back the market, developers used the available resources, including blockchain technology, to create innovations, thus decentralized finance (DeFi).

A year down the line and decentralized finance has made tremendous changes within the trading industry. DeFi relies on blockchain technology and smart contracts to allow complete financial operations between users. Notably, the innovation eliminated intermediaries commonly required in traditional financial operations like banks and exchanges. While the DeFi operations have attracted a large following, it is faced with numerous challenges, including limited scalability, decentralization concerns, and security, to mention a few.

This is why Mofassair Hossain and Scott come together to create the Leonicorn Swap project that is aimed at helping solve the limitations within DeFi, allowing users access to the best tools and services in the market.

Mofassair Hossain is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Leonicorn Swap, while Scott serves as the Chief marketing officer at Leonicorn Swap. They are also serving as angel investors to the project. Since 2018, Hossain has been serving as a marketing advisor to the top 10 blockchain startups around the globe. He is also a member of the Global Blockchain Advisory Professionals. During this time, he has helped raise over $600 million for over 60 projects.

On the other hand, Scott is a legendary crypto influencer on Twitter from the UK, with over 280,000 followers. He has been a marketing advisor for many projects, including TenseT and Betfury gaming. The two combined their expertise to create an advanced Automated Market Maker (AMM), Leonicorn Swap.

While commenting on the partnership, Scott explained on Twitter: "Had a lovely weekend with my son. I had so much fun, and the weather has been beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how the new project takes off, and we have so many people interested already Hossain has been working so hard."

Leonicorn Swap is an advance AMM with features such as NFT marketplace, lottery, IDO, and many other advance features. It is a one-stop platform that uses the Binance Smart chain to create a platform for traders to trade and gain liquidity for their projects. Notably, the users on the platform can trade and raise funds for their projects through IDO or IFO models.

In less than a month down the line, the project has gained a lot of traction among investors. The Leonicorn official Twitter page currently has over 39,000 followers, while the telegram page has over 22,000 followers.

Notably, Leonicorn has a deflationary token model inspired by some top industry projects Safemoon, PancakeSwap and Tenset. The token model entails that 2 per cent goes to all holders as yield, 2 per cent goes to liquidity in PancakeSwap.

The project will be launching the public sale from June 25 to June 30. Currently, the whitelisting process is underway, with over 2,300-plus investors already signed up. The platform intends to do a maximum of $3,000 and a minimum of $50 for the public sale. The Leonicorn Swap team has set the public sale price at $0.05, with users required to use BNB for the event. Interested participants will be required to fill a whitelist form, after which they will contact them through email with instructions. The Hardcap of the sale has been set at 4.2 million, which is 40 per cent of the entire tokenomy. All the remaining tokens will be burned after the sale.

Users can get more information from the project whitepaper currently available on the Leonicorn website.


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