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This Crypto Expert Gives Decentralized Finance the Green Light Bryan Legend, Founder and CEO of Clever DeFi, talks about how Decentralized Finance is the next big thing

By Saurabh Singla

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Bryan Legend
Bryan Legend

With the ever-increasing hype focused on the crypto industry, it is surprising that most Bitcoin projects fail to have a lasting impact as they often end up forgotten and ultimately taint the reputation of the industry. However, with the emergence of brilliant minds, years of experience, and passion, the crypto industry is finally making intriguing progress.

Keeping all this in mind, Bryan Legend found himself having a natural talent to interact with people and motivate them as a mentor and sales coach. He began training others in the 'art of marketing' using a straightforward unified approach and achieved great success by way of results.

Learning business fundamentals, strategy, performance metrics, and brand building, Bryan began to realize that his power could be best utilized by bringing new approaches and radical new ideas to market.

Recognizing the online marketing sector's gap, Bryan Legend was determined to plug the gap and stepped into SEO, SEM, and SMM by building TWILX, a digital advertising company offering different services in a niche area. Building the brand from ground up the business grew exponentially into a multi-million dollar enterprise until he became more interested in the financial aspects and entered the blockchain cryptocurrency space.

Bryan Legend has now been involved in Cryptocurrency for eight years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with an enriching sales background that earned him multiple awards. Bryan is now one of the most notable crypto industry personalities and his involvement with the industry for the last several years has offered him an intriguing insight. It has helped him launch the company focussed on decentralized finance; Clever DeFi.

Clever DeFi is a Fintech company primarily focused on delivering decentralized finance applications within the Cryptocurrency industry. Clever DeFi aims to provide an alternative way to store wealth through its own deployed token; Clever Token (CLVA). Unlike banking institutions, Clever Token will offer you a significantly higher ROI that can be achieved from any savings account offered by a bank.

Various aspects differentiate the Clever Token (CLVA) from other cryptocurrencies. There are no penalties, lock-in periods or contracts much like the common theme among banks, along with the reassurance that the holder has the full right of ownership over the digital currency.

CLVA is not similar to other cryptocurrency projects. The difference starts at the most fundamental level. It is the first-ever Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol with a vested interest for all by reaching out to the many and not the few.

Another attribute that hypes up Clever DeFi is the minting of CLVA tokens. The minting starts from zero, which means that the company holds no initial supply whatsoever. Thus, it completely marks the organization different from others in the cryptocurrency industry by allowing free market conditions for investors.

Apart from Bitcoin, the development of all the other digital currencies made the creators accumulate more wealth. The main ploy was to sell the holding supply of the company at an increased price to unsuspecting buyers. The process is known as "dumping the market' and aims to take advantage of price fluctuations through low liquidity environments.

Clever DeFi's unique approach means that investing in CLVA carries with it very minimal risk but huge upside potential. There is no way to ensure that you are entirely risk-free when you deal with cryptocurrencies. The volatile nature of the market brings with it a certain degree of trade risks. But, Clever DeFi minimizes the impact as much as possible. It is easily one of the safest cryptocurrencies that can be held as a means of storing wealth. The predicted demand for Clever Tokens and limited supply will ultimately lend credibility to the success of this crypto coin.

Bryan Legend knows that potential investors may be concerned about the safety aspect, however, Clever Token (CLVA) is factually entirely safe, and its automated cycling period is imbued within the embedded protocol itself with it being verified along with conducted safety & security audits.

The potential for earning via investing in Clever Tokens is large. For the first year, the amount yielded from interest accumulates to 307 per cent over the first twelve months. The yield amounts to 445 per cent in the second year and extends to 501 per cent in the third year. You will find an interest percentage of 562 per cent in the fourth year and 600 per cent in the fifth.

Suppose a comparison was made by investing in Clever Token VS investing in traditional assets like bonds, dividends, or stock. In that case, you will find a large disparity in terms of earnings. CLVA offers an average of 80.60 per cent ROI per annum spanning a ten year period while government bonds can provide a mere 2.28 per cent, real estate 8.60 per cent, and stock dividends 2.7 per cent. Investors looking for an opportunity to build up an impressive investment portfolio will find the idea of holding Clever Tokens lucrative and intriguing and presents itself as an opportunity to gain considerable profit.

CLVA is a promising Decentralized Finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency that is set to change the crypto industry. After the failure of thousands of previous crypto projects, Clever DeFi might be the one to restore faith in this revolutionizing technology.

Saurabh Singla

Founder & CEO,

Saurabh Singla, Founder, and CEO of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, & Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.
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