Anton Altement

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Anton Altement is CEO of Polybius and OSOM Finance. Prior to starting OSOM, Altement spent close to a decade with Credit Suisse as an investment banker in London and Zurich. He is focused on building a currency-agnostic ecosystem to facilitate the convergence of fiat and crypto.


Buying / Investing in Business

Why European CFOs Should Learn More About DeFi

The roles undertaken by a chief financial officer involve many moving parts; one of these is the investment of the company's capital into portfolios that offer maximum return. They have a potentially powerful new tool that stands to significantly increase their annual percentage yields.

Money & Finance

Here's How You Can Tap into DeFi to Maximise Profitability

You've done all the hard work and planning, secured funding, and established your business. How do you now manage your profits? Where, when and how can you put some capital to work rather than sit on idle assets?

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Here's How You Can Use Decentralized Finance to Draw Passive Income Streams

Before the advent of DeFi, crypto owners did not have access to any decentralized avenues for lending, farming, staking their assets. Now, there are a plethora of ways through which token holders can see their assets multiply from passive income.

Thought Leaders

Death of Dividend: Here's How to Recharge Your Passive Income Strategy

Relying on dividends for a passive income might not be the smartest idea anymore. Here are some alternative strategies to consider.

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