Abhishek Mehta & Avinash Rogye

Co-founder, Head of Operations and Head of Marketing —GradLimited

Abhishek Mehta is the Co-founder and head of Marketing of GradLimited while Avinash Rogye is the co-founder and head of operations of the company.

Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur having experience in domains like Education, Assessments and Human Resources. As an entrepreneur he has successfully established companies working with the Coir Board of India and various large scale retail brands across the country. Masters in Marketing and Lawyer by qualification, Abhishek has worked with one of the largest assessment companies in the world and has held pivotal roles in Indian startups across the education space.

Avinash is a first generation entrepreneur with experience in Human Resources, Talent Development and Financial Services. Masters in Marketing by qualification, Avinash has worked with one of India’s largest financial services enterprise handling operations and business development.


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