Aditya Prasad


Aditya Prasad is the Founder of Renor Audio, a High Fidelity (HiFi) audio company that is dedicated to creating innovative and quality audio products. A musician himself, he spent a lot of time in studios recording his own pop album in Nashville over the course of 2 years. With this, Aditya has extensive knowledge and a clear understanding of what the ideal sonic image should be.

He attended Cathedral School in Mumbai before moving on to Emory University, from where he completed his graduation. Aditya’s professional journey began when he founded India’s first guitar amplification company Calor, along with Co-Founder Mohamed Ansar in 2012, post which he assumed the position of Director. Realising the need for better audio quality in the speakers that people were using in large indoor spaces at home or elsewhere, they then moved on to found Renor Audio. The company was incepted in early 2019, with the launch of its flagship speaker, the ‘Renor Powercab’.



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