Amit Kumar

CEO OLX Autos India

Amit Kumar is a business leader who has built multiple internet consumer businesses in the last decade. He was earlier Managing Director of Kaymu (Merged with Jumia, Listed on NYSE). He likes to write about Leadership, Startups and Economics. 



Growth Strategies

Will Theranos' Example Lead To Tighter Scrutiny Around All Tech Startups?

For a company that was positioning itself as the Apple of health tech, certain key fundamentals were drastically off the mark.

News and Trends

Will the Unicorn Boom Lead To a Unicorn Bust?

The current unicorn boom in India is uncannily similar to the events that led up to the dot com fiasco of 1999-2000. Stakeholders must take heed, tread carefully and draw lessons from recent history

News and Trends

Career Break: Let Us Call It 'Fashionable Sabbatical'

The startup boom in India has led to a transformation in career continuity, taking a plunge in startups and, interestingly, attitude towards sabbaticals. Shedding inhibitions and letting go of fear to rejuvenate life is 'now' possible

News and Trends

Cryptocurrency in India: Hot or Naught

Why is the Indian government against cryptocurrency when it has safety as one of its pillars and also when large organizations across the world, like Tesla, are accepting crypto as a valid currency? Let's find out


Future Of Retail Is Omnichannel

Be available to the customers always, anytime on the device and location of their choice

Growth Strategies

How To Receive Constructive Feedback Effectively

Often, people confuse constructive feedback with criticism and that's when the negative emotions start to take the front seat and overleap the positive notations

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