Aria Fafat


Aria is a 13-year old, 8th-Grade student at United World College (Dover), Singapore. She has a precocious, ingrained passion for Arts - writing, drama, painting and music and has won bronze and gold medals in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay competition as well as a few poetry/story competitions. In Nov, 2019, she released her first novel, “Once Upon a Fishbowl”, based on the life of her idol, Serena Williams, at the Singapore Writer’s Festival.

Like many children her age, Aria is inquisitive and reflective, with a very loose leash on her imagination. A book-lover since she was a child, it is her dream to become an accomplished writer someday, and her creativity and flair are portrayed in her poems, stories, artwork and notes. She is often lost in thought, more involved in the world in her head than the one outside, and is constantly jotting down ideas for future projects. Inspired by figures like Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, and Serena Williams, she believes in taking a stand for what she believes in and using the resources that she is privileged to have to help those in need. 

Aria wishes to use her writing platform to raise funds for social causes such as providing clean drinking water for school children and girls’ education, and raising awareness about the common problems hurting our society.



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