Arpit Agarwal

CEO at WaveCharge

One of the pioneers of technological innovation in the start-up space, Arpit Agarwal is the CEO & Co-founder of WaveCharge. A graduate from Vivekanand College of Technology and Management in marketing, Arpit started his professional career back in 2011 in the garment trade sector with Swadeshi Khadi Traders. Post successful stints in the company’s business development and brand management operations, he decided to leverage his 8 years of retail and B2C sales experience to co-create WaveCharge adding mobile charging to shared utility space in India.

A veteran in strategic planning and growth hacking, Arpit has a demonstrated history of successfully scaling and running businesses. In his previous firm, he was directly involved in forging key partnerships with prominent brands, expanding the brand presence from a single brick-and-mortar outlet to a chain of retail stores and developing integrated tracking solutions for the company’s cross-function supply chain.

He also led the digitization movement within the firm, with his contribution towards technological intervention instrumental in increasing the volume of digital payments in retail outlets and improved inventory tracking. This acumen for business opportunity also lead to the conceptualization of WaveCharge. Arpit could foresee that a technology allied to smartphones would have huge potential in India. He was quick to capitalize on this idea and the outcome post market and technical research was an affordable phone charging utility for the mobile urban population.

Currently heading theBusiness Development & Marketing division of WaveCharge his versatility, business sense and adaptability are best embodied by the fact that within a year of its conception, his company and concept have already gained widespread acceptance and successfully established an affiliate network of more than 100 prominent brands in the NCR F&B space. In addition to these responsibilities and accomplishments, Arpit is also in-charge of formulating internal policy frameworks, human resource development and marketing for WaveCharge

Arpit is emblematic of the modern day Indian entrepreneur who can multitask effortlessly and utilizes technology to create product niches which help improve the quality of life for the common citizen.


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