Ashish Sharma

Founder and CEO, CivilCops

Ashish Sharma, Founder and CEO, is a graduate of Delhi University; before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, he was a part of an international organization called Enactus. Enactus runs college chapters across the globe wherein student groups create business models for the weaker sections of the society which they run for 6 months to 1 year, helping them to make a living. Eventually they make these groups self sufficient to run it by themselves. Ashish has also worked with organisations like ASEAN Youth Think Tank Cambodia for Tech projects. He’s also a partner for the global network of Smart Dubai. A lot of what he is doing at CivilCops is inspired by the work he has done in the past.




Future Governments Will be as Effective as Their Technology Investment

India will provide the centrifugal force to GovTech market with its massive human capital, digitization drive, and policy reforms

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