Caroline Lee


Caroline Lee is the co-founder of CocoSign, a web-based electronic signature solution that helps SMBs and professionals get contracts signed right and 5x faster. 


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How To Avoid Spam Calls And Focus On Important Ones

This comprehensive guide contains tips on knowing who called you and what to do


How to Do a Reverse Address Lookup

CocoFinder - Reverse address lookup – CocoFinder's easy user interface and an extensive database enable you to make a free address lookup


How To Create Digital Signature And Electronic Signature

Here's the difference between electronic signatures and digital signatures, how to create e-signatures with CocoSign, Adobe, and Word, and some frequently raised questions


How to Electronically Sign PDF Documents Without Printing

Traditionally, signing a PDF usually involves multiple procedures like printing, signing, and scanning. Yet modern technologies have enabled businesses to go paperless and made signing documents easier and faster with electronic signatures. This article guides you through how to electronically sign PDF documents without printing


What Is a Digital Signature and How It Works

Digitally signing your document is not only faster and more convenient than the traditional way of signing but brings with it an added perk of safety. In this article, we will be discussing digital signatures definition, among other things

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