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How to Do a Reverse Address Lookup CocoFinder - Reverse address lookup – CocoFinder's easy user interface and an extensive database enable you to make a free address lookup

By Caroline Lee

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Address lookup is generally more accurate than you would think. Assume you want to sell a house without contacting a broker. Enter the address of the property and acquire all relevant information. Reverse address lookup allows you to see the property and the individuals who previously resided there. All you have to do is input an address. This is especially useful for real estate agents or people who need to shift their locations every few years due to nature of their jobs. With the growth of Multi-National Companies, people have left their hometowns to search for better opportunities in top cities of the world.

According to a report by McKinsey, managed corporate-travel spending in the United States increased by 71 percent, or $94 billion in the year 2020 itself. The pandemic plays a role as well. Since work from home opportunities have increased, people have utilized the flexibility and shifted homes for various reasons including cheaper rents, staying closer to family, better facilities, safer zones, better health care facilities, etc. Even organizations are supporting the employees to elevate their comfort zones. Many companies are reevaluating working and organizational arrangements to accommodate the newfound flexibility and adopt permanent or semi-permanent remote-working arrangements for a subset of the workforce.

With the rapid shifts as well as recurring lockdowns, the professionals face two issues – finding a good property as well as interacting with the local communities. Reverse Address Lookups list all current and prior owners and their contact information, estimated house worth, and even refinancing information. This method aids in narrowing down the findings to the appropriate individuals.

What is Reverse Address Lookup?

A reverse address lookup, also known as a reverse address search, is the process of locating information about the current or previous inhabitants, or property owner, of a home or company by utilizing a specific street address.

It used to be quite hard to find out who lived in a house with a street address. Although street addresses were recorded in actual phone books alongside names and phone numbers, directories were ordered by last name or business name, making it very difficult to tie an address to a name in any meaningful way. Thanks to updated technology, this is no longer the case.

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How Does a Reverse Address Lookup Work?

The fact that there are so many different worldwide address formats and alignments is one obstacle to conducting business globally. Every day, new addresses are added to the list of nations and territories worldwide.

Behind the scenes, a global data set consolidates various reference data sources into a consistent and dependable single-best-record. As a result, businesses worldwide have immediate access to complete, correct, and confirmed addresses. The accurate address lookup tool will curate official postal authority, mapping, geospatial data sources, and other essential datasets for an area.

Technical Procedure

Two significant API queries make up an address lookup: A "Find request" is used to narrow down a possible list of addresses. In contrast, an "Obtain request" is used to retrieve an adequately formatted address that meets the postal criteria.

A typical address search consists of many Find requests followed by a Retrieve based on the user's decision. An address ID is provided when an address (including street number/name, city, state, and ZIP code) is given to the API.

You should then use the address ID to get a correctly formatted address using the Retrieve service. The user is given a list of matching addresses to choose the desired address.

Companies may use this capacity to guarantee the scale of their operations with their worldwide presence and client base.

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How to Do a Reverse Address Lookup with CocoFinder?

Public records and internet data help locate a lot of useful information, including a person's address records. They do, however, contain a large quantity of data. As a result, you will require tools to make the procedure easier. One such tool is CocoFinder Reverse Address Lookup. You may access the utility through its parent website. It is also straightforward to use and requires no registration or money. A reverse address lookup is direct and takes very little time. Here's how to go about it.

Step 1: you may do the reverse address lookup immediately on the website. Open CocoFinder's main page and select the 'Address Lookup' option above the homepage search box.

Step 2: In the search field, type in the address you want to check up on the platform. To continue, touch the 'Search' button once you have entered your information.

Step 3: The findings would display on the screen in a few minutes. Select and access the individual's matched profile to see their comprehensive details.

The software will provide a complete report for the specified address, including all owners and their contact information. While this tool has a vast database, it works quickly. The entire scan takes only a few minutes. Furthermore, the data is error-free because it originates from several dependable sources. It is constantly current, correct, and precise.

The tool's database is made up of many categories of documents. Its database contains public records, criminal records, social media, and other sources. As a result, you may anticipate receiving every central and small data record you require.

5.1 Determining the Property's Value

Much of the information is kept hidden by the real estate agents. When purchasing a new home, it is critical to understand the property thoroughly. These programs can determine the property's current value, size, and other pertinent information.

5.2 Free of cost

CocoFinder provides a free reverse address lookup service. The user can enter an unknown address into the reverse address number lookup service. It then provides all relevant information, such as the target's name, acquaintances and family, and previous residences.

5.3 Professional Affiliations

CocoFinder is the best address lookup service. It is a simple platform that you may utilize to acquire crucial information about a property you are interested in. The site displays information such as the person's full name, additional addresses, current and previous phone numbers, known relatives, as well as professional affiliations.


Finally, we have looked at how CocoFinder may perform free reverse address lookups and searches. However, CocoFinder also provides comparable services such as reverse phone lookup, reverse postal code, reverse email lookup, lookup by proximity, area code, direction search, popular name directory, etc. These details may be highly beneficial to firms in market expansion and advertising.

Caroline Lee is the co-founder of CocoSign, a web-based electronic signature solution that helps SMBs and professionals get contracts signed right and 5x faster. 

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