Deepak Jayaram

Head of Strategy & Innovation at MinersINC

Deejay (Deepak Jayaram) as the industry knows him is the Co-Founder and Head of Strategy & Innovation at MinersINC, the Blockchain-powered P2P entertainment ecosystem. He brings to the table 22 years of experience in marketing strategy, new media opportunities and experiential marketing.

He was associated with organizations like Anand Bazar Patrika, Coca-Cola, GROUPM and ISDI WPP School of Communication. He realized that blockchain – with its ability to ensure security and provide reliable attribution was the key to building a future that is transparent and empowering for everyone to be able to monetize/unlock the value of their skills and passion. This led him to join Mr Nitin Narkhede, Founder and CEO, MinersINC to building a community-driven platform that puts the consumer in charge and the creators in control of their creation while enabling everyone connected to the value chain.



It's Time for the Movies, the Blockchain Way!

The model can also support free interaction and engagement among film industries of different countries, skipping the middlemen and comprising only of the creators and the consumers

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